Savor the moments in your life!


Do You?

Savor the moments?

You should … you know! They help sustain us. Savoring things make the day brighter, richer, stronger, better and help give us the ability to sustain ourselves, just by savoring a special moment or occasion.

And for those of us who have someone to savor with – life is even sweeter. And if the hug you extend to someone (in that moment) is returned with hesitancy, that’s okay too. Trust me on this one, it is still much appreciated by the person receiving it, even if it does not appear this way. Some are better are expressing their emotions than others. But all are needful … all!

So do remember, as you embrace life – ‘savor’ and share as you can, but ingest into your own heart the full and true richness of life that exists everywhere!

Savor the moments,

Have an excellent weekend my wonderful friends,

~ Penny

29 thoughts on “Savor the moments in your life!

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    • We are all well here Celestine! Very busy with a few things and I am missing my time online, actually my online friends more than anything. Isn’t it funny how we’ve never met and yet there’s no doubt in my mind that you and your family are a part of mine! Is all well with you and your family? I send all my love (You are very much in my heart with frequent warm thoughts being sent your way dearest friend!
      Penny πŸ™‚ xoxo

    • Hi Mitzie, great to “see” you, lol, Life is fast paced isn’t it? You are so welcome, hoping all is going well for you and yours! Keep taking care of you – YOU are special to me my friend! xx

  2. I Totally agree Penny!…. πŸ˜‰

    Sometimes (usually) we are so busy handle the “urgent stuff” that we lose sight of what is essential and therefore overriding.

    I just will like to add here a little suggestion: “Carpe Diem”/ “Seize the day”…

    Also beautiful words regarding hugs: I send you a HUGE one…
    And I wish you savor your weekend; Aquileana β€’Β°ΛšΛ†*βœΏβ€’Β°ΛšΛ†*β™₯

    • Hi Aquileana, thank you for your lovely words here and the HUGE hug, so very much appreciated. Sigh, it’s already Monday night here, I must work on a way to slow time down just a little my dear friend! πŸ™‚ xx

  3. Ah, my dear Penny… if we only knew how precious each moment is. Thank you, once again for the kindness and love you share!
    much love, my dear friend and hugs xxxxxx πŸ™‚
    A beautiful weekend to you too!!!! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Marina, I’m still staying very busy offline, just know that our friendship is one of the precious things that I do cherish. I hope your weekend was wonderful and that your week has stated well for you. Much love and lots of hugs to you! πŸ™‚ xoxoxoxo

      • Worry not, my dear Penny, friends are always there…. or better said: I’m not going anywhere! πŸ™‚ Too much happening for me too. All the best, my dear friend!!! πŸ™‚ xxxxxxx and hugs!

        • Hello my dearest friend, you have no idea how much I wish I was in a position to wing my way over there so you and I could enjoy a sit-down, “talk and create” fest, Marina, enjoying music, life, and all good things – for a bit … in the meantime all my best to you also, I do think of you “with warm thoughts” frequently! πŸ™‚ xoxoxox

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