So Dear to My Heart

Please everyone, know you are all so dear to my heart, I miss my time being online and would share briefly with all of you the following:

A new born is always a joy: Embrace all life, it is so precious!

 dreamstime_xs_27049721 (1)

Life is an adventure to be lived, never stop exploring the newness/changes in life …


… Even if sometimes you feel inadequately prepared.


I think you’ll find, with a little practice and lots of determination – you’ll do quite well!


or even better!

Much love to you,


49 thoughts on “So Dear to My Heart

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  2. Penny, I haven’t been scooting around wordpress 1/2 as much as I would like to. Perhaps I am slowing down? But I just want to say that when I think ‘inspiring’ I think you. And that’s just the way it is and the way it should be. What you do for people and how you add a positive glowing light to the day is to be envied. xx my friend.

    • Thank you Lesley. Your loving words are comforting and warming to me. I do appreciate them but even more, I appreciate the you that you are and that I am lucky to know you and be your friend! Thank you again dear friend, xo

    • Hi Sandra, thank you dear friend! I’ve been offline a lot this past month so I am more than a little behind with things. I greatly appreciate your nomination and will head over there now to thank you once again! 🙂 xo

    • Hi Sharla, thank you, I miss be online like I used to be. A personal project going on here, but all is well. I did try to thank you for your Linked in Greeting Card and it sent you empty space so I will thank you here, my dear friend. I am so pleased there is some normalcy in your life once again, you are so deserving of it, Sharla. All my love, xo

      • HOLA!
        Snow looks pretty. But – YUK on driving in it. My vehicle made a loopdi loop a few times. But – I didn’t hit anyone or any thing. I just read that there was a 30 car pile-up between Chicago & Milwaukee. Eek- too close for comfort. Hope there were no severe injuries or deaths. But – one report said a semi went over a vehicle. So- that doesn’t sound good.
        Take it easy & stay warm.
        xo 🙂 🙂 xo

  3. AnElephantCant disagree with Penny
    He celebrates each and every new birth here
    Today her blog is quite funny
    It all looks bright and sunny
    But there is snow falling on the safari and surfer

    • Hey Andro, I’ve been offline a great deal, hopeful for a completion to this personal project soonest, thank you my very dear friend and you also an excellent week ahead, weather pretty well awful here, right now! 🙂 xo

  4. Thank you for these words and the images you put with them are perfect.

    We all miss you as well, Penny and don’t forget these words yourself my friend. Take care 🙂

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