Horton the Elephant – hears a “tardis”

For all you “Dr Who” lovers – a bit of fun! πŸ™‚

Horton-Hears-A-Who-T-Shirt (1)

copyright Nick Holmes

Horton Hears a Tardis

The day started out simply pleasant

In fact Horton knew it was great,

His favoritest meal

the bestest real deal

Was of course a nut full of plates! (actually it’s “a plate full of nuts” but then it wouldn’t rhyme would it. hello?)


Suddenly, Horton hears a strange sounding

and thinks to himself “Oh, no …

Not Whoville again?

They just would not send …

In fact, this time I’ll refuse to go.


But it turns out it wasn’t the Whoville

But rather “Dr Who” that arrived,

In his tardis he came

Horton hardly could blame

The Whovilles for who was inside.


And so Horton looked at the tardis

and then, of course at Doctor Who,

he said “no offense

And don’t think me dense,

but exactly ‘Who are you?’ “


And of course Dr. Who replied “Brilliant”

“What a capital elephant you be,

for though we’ve just met

You already get

The person, of course ‘Who’ is me!”


And Horton looked first at the tardis

And once again at Doctor Who,

Still shaking his head

and wished for his bed

replied one more time “Who? Are you?”


“Yes I am”, the good doctor responded

“And most happy to meet you am I,

If you really don’t mind

and would be so kind

We must wait for the Dalek to arrive.”


Now Horton, as you know is a thinker

Deep thoughts are really his forte,

But Doctor Who was a puzzle

And in a bit of a fuzzle

Horton knew not what to say.


And so Dr. Who told him the story

The Daleks were bad guys, he knew,

So Horton told them (Dr. Who and his companions) to stay

And they left the next day (actually it was longer, but that doesn’t rhyme either),

The tardis, the Daleks, and Dr. Who.


Well Horton was glad when they vanished

Back to whenever they were from,

Now when Horton listens

He’s not listening for a who

but rather the sound of the drums (spoiler).

(you’ve gotta watch the tv series to figure the last line out!)


For all you “Dr. Who” TV fans I hope you enjoyed this little bit of farce! Other individuals who live here (whom, shall remain nameless) have been watching the entire series!)

~ Penny

27 thoughts on “Horton the Elephant – hears a “tardis”

  1. Thanks Russ! Me too. I’m a Dr. Seuss fan and everyone one else in this house is a Dr. Who fan so the two seemed to come together in a fun and whimsical way! Hope the weather isn’t being too bad where you live! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Ute, thanks, I needed a break from some serious writing I’ve been focused on, and it was fun to write too! You also, have a wonderful week, hopefully with weather better than we are having over here right now! πŸ™‚ xx

    • Hi Lyn, thanks, I’ve been offline a fair bit, working on a private project but I had been playing with the “Who” idea for awhile, am pleased you enjoyed! Hope all is well with you, with much affection, Penny xo

  2. AnElephantCant deny he loves Horton
    Dr Seuss’s dude is much smarterer and braverer than he
    If he sees a Tardis
    He is very soon a fartist
    He can just make a rude noise and then flee

    Brilliant spoof, Penny, please don’t tell the Daleks how to get to France!

  3. Love this, it has a touch of the Lewis Carroll’s about it, as well as Dr Seuss of course. I particularly enjoyed your freestyle explanations for us poem completests who just need to know! Fuzzle is a word that needs to get more coverage.

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