The Big Dream: Ten Days of Happiness, Day 1



Once upon a special time, there passed a great decree
There would be ten days of love for thee and thou and me.


On the first day of happiness, a smile upon my face

I send a loving greeting filled with warmth and grace.

To all who live upon this earthΒ who share with me this day

I wish you all the very best in every single way!


With sincere affection,

32 thoughts on “The Big Dream: Ten Days of Happiness, Day 1

  1. AnElephantCant always be quietly pensive
    In fact he is occasionally noisily gaseous
    But he has a short peaceful passage
    To ponder this message
    And smiles with joy at Penny’s First Day of Happiness

      • As I always buy my Big Issue from the guy in Dover, when I went into Folkestone with my sister (she wanted to keep an eye on me after a health scare last night) I decided to buy the guy there a coffee instead. Then brought one for the homeless guy further down. If I could, I wish I could have brought one for all of the homeless people there.

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