On the 10th Day of Happiness – The Riches You Possess!



Once upon a special time, there passed a great decree.
There would be ten days of love for thee and thou and me.
On the first day of happiness, warmth and love afar.
On the second day of happiness, joy and blessing reign
On the third day of happiness, sharing peace throughout the lands.
On the fourth day of happiness, the ‘starlight’ memories came.
On the fifth day of happiness, success for all this year.
On the sixth day of happiness, discovering You are dear.
On the seventh day of happiness, cherishing each and every thing.
On the eighth day of happiness, seeing what friendship brings.
On the ninth day of happiness, discovering it in your heart.
 On the tenth day of happiness, realizing this is just a start.
Ten days to get things going, to be happy deep inside,
let go your fears and open up – your heart both far and wide.
While gold may bring you some things, the richest thing you’ll own
Is your state of happiness and loving seeds you’ve sown.


May each day begin and end with a happy thought. It is after all your choice to make it so!
~ All my love,

25 thoughts on “On the 10th Day of Happiness – The Riches You Possess!

  1. Lovely post, Penny, and “the richest thing you’ll own is your state of happiness” absolutely LOVE this and your words are so, so true! I hope your new year has started out on a happy note, too! Mine began with me getting sick on the 1st and just yesterday, feeling healthy again. Life is good! Hugs!

    • Thank you Lauren. I had similar problems on the first (among other things, but like you am looking forward to a most happy and prosperous New Year, Big hugs and hope you are all well again! xxx

  2. I have printed this and hung next to my desk as a reminder that no matter how rough the road – there is a friend willing to help me over the rough patches. Thank you Penny, you are a wonderful inspiration.

    • Hello Ute, Thank you. I’ve been offline for a bit with Laptop problems. I’m borrowing Emma’s right now to catch up on comments, etc. Hope all is going well for you so far this year my dear friend! Big hugs! xx

      • No fun with computer problems, Glad you can poop in sometimes with someone elses laptop. I have been working hard but will enjoy a work free weekend for a change! Hope you don’t have it that cold still. Keep warm and safe. Much love and big hugs back to you ! ♥

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