“Tempus Fugit” – Haibun Thinking


“Tempus Fugit”

Ah yes it seems time does fly, zooming nano-seconds amid micro-moments; often without pause. And yet even so … there are … occasionally ‘in betweens’ in these passages. ‘In betweens’ one can become caught up within.  Liking onto a vortex of existence. Threads of creative thought becoming victims surrendering up selves, lost in the chaos of swirling motions – of time.

So I would ask of ‘fleeing time’ this question: Is it ‘the nature of time’ that my creativity is bound to, or is it the reverse? Has the nature of my creativity become a fluid aspect of my time’s chronology, and does it really matter as long as I flow among the currents of all time?


artistic expression
threads of creativity
 boundless in time


Thank you,

~ Penny

29 thoughts on ““Tempus Fugit” – Haibun Thinking

  1. Superb writing as always Penny, giving us much to ponder. I still find myself torn with where to take my blog. It seems most “full-timers” write about their adventures, and there is that side of me that needs that, but there is this other side that is yearning to be let free to roam, to expand her outer reaches. Perhaps another blog is in order as I think I will bore the RVing community.

    • Thank you LuAnn. Much appreciated. I look forward to a potential new blog from you, if you go in that direction. But I think you know well how I feel about your level of creative ability and talent. I’m thinking “boring” including the RVing community isn’t a word that would ever be used to refer to anything you do! 🙂

  2. Thank you for joining in on our very first week, Penny, I really appreciate that.

    Nano seconds and micro moments. They do seem to just vanish in a whole bunch. I think that time is bound to your creativity. Because your creativity is timeless Penny 🙂

    I hope you can find a new machine to replace the one laying there with its legs in the air

    • My pleasure Alastair. I’m sure I will (re: computer). The time consuming part will be integrating everything! Regarding Haibun Thinking – way to go – just don’t get overwhelmed with everything my friend! I care about your well being most of all! 🙂

      • Thank you Penny. I have just recently said “sod it” and deleted over 300 emails from blogs I unfortunately won’t get the chance to visit today as I need to sit down and relax now. End the day with a rest. Everything will still be there tomorrow.

        This week has started off well already, and it has had a knock on effect to my Photo Fiction challenge. That had its best week since it began 44 weeks ago.

        That putting everything new on is what takes the most time I think. The joys lol

        Take care Penny 🙂

  3. Always a pro at what you do! 🙂
    I’ll thinking I will give it a shot. My muse is having issues. Maybe today she will melt out of whatever frozen vortex she’s stuck in. LOL
    xo 🙂 🙂 xo

    Buuu…on the kaput PC.

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