Love – The Most Beautiful Gift!

By veggiegretz

The Gift of Love

There is beauty in the giving of love.
There is beauty in the receiving of love.
The most perfectly universal gift:
The giving and receiving of love.
~ Always!

PennyQuote, 2014

Hoping everyone’s week has been going well, have an excellent rest of your week and remember to take care of you,

~ Penny

29 thoughts on “Love – The Most Beautiful Gift!

    • Yeah, hurry up – will ya! (Just joking SteJ), I have no doubts that you are very well capable of lavishing love. What a great set of words btw when used together – “lavish and love”! xx

    • Hi Celestine, yes indeed. Hopefully several situations I’ve been involved in (the least being the loss of my computer) are just about resolved, so looking forward to getting things back to normal, hopefully soonest. Much much love to you dearest friend. You hold a special place in my heart! xo πŸ™‚

  1. Love this Penny quote and love love, giving and receiving. It is the best thing inlife and so easy and free. Wonder it is missing in so many people. We can spread more, Penny. I send you my love and a great week for you!

    • Hello dear friend of mine! Thank you Ute. Nothing finer than giving and receiving love unconditionally, I agree with you and am glad that there are people just like you reminding others of the wealth that love brings! Hope your weekend is being a great one for you! xx

  2. My weeks are having a whole new flavour now, I no longer work. What an interesting stage I am going through where I do have to discover ways of looking after me. So far, so good. You take care of you too Penny, hope life is exciting in your part of the world if not too cold.

    • New flavours are a very good thing aren’t they Michael Life is always exciting in my part of the world, and for the most part we are having a very mild winter (which I’m totally cool with, lol!) Take care of you, xx

  3. Love is the most beautiful gift to either give or receive. Especially if when you give or receive it is instantly reciprocated.

    I hope you have a good week Penny.

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