Coffee Up …

By dave

For the aroma,

For the tantalizing taste,

For the addictive “rush”,

For the soothing sensations,

For all the good and wonderful things

that coffee means …


Hope your weekend is going well and whether it’s coffee, tea, or another favorite beverage, do savor the taste while you savor life – whether relaxing or going for it!

~ Penny

34 thoughts on “Coffee Up …

    • Thank you Stefan. It is very kind of you to nominate me along with the other wonderful bloggers you have chosen. I am honored dear friend! I hope your weekend is being wonderful too! xx

    • Hi Roxi, yes an amazing game, would have been fun for us to watch it together I think. The Seahawks were just awesome and I don’t usually watch football games either, lol! Definitely woo hoo! 🙂 xo

  1. It’s going to be my first superbowl and apart from the fact that I have no clue about the rules in American football I also can’t relate to a team, yet.

    Anyways, I enjoyed coffee and tea with tantalizing taste and soothing sensation, today. And I intend to enjoy my first superbowl night, as well. 🙂

    Thank you dear Penny for the sensuous (correct term?) poem and have fun with the Seahawks playing!

    Much love,

  2. If coffee was always presented like that it wouldn’t make me sleepy. I may do my best to watch the match tonight and then wonder just what is going on.

  3. We’re not going to be watching. In our household – once our team is out – we don’t watch.

    But – I do have a preference & with this post – there goes another reason for me to root for the Seahawks.
    If (when) they win – this will be their first BIG win!
    And – you are a fan!
    xo 🙂 🙂 xo

  4. I am a mornign tea person and can’t function without it, later in the afternoon is my cappuccino time! Thanks for the coffeetime with us! Sending much love and hope your weekend was a happy relaxing one. mine was so far, thanks Penny! ♥

    • Thanks Ute. Sounds like you have the best of both worlds with tea and coffee. I had a very relaxing weekend and am glad you did as well! Hope your week has started off in a positive way for you my friend! Much love, xx

      • Penny I had this beautiful Chai Latte today in a nearby coffee shop , that is bliss, even better than tea and coffee for an evening after work. It is like going into another world for a while! Beautiful to relax. This way I started my week really lovely !
        Sending you love and a good week too!

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  6. you might laugh at this:  for the dozen of years i’ve lived in latin america, i’ve had little exposure to sports from the usa, and aside from online blurbs about the upcoming superbowl, i would not even realize it’s ‘here..’  this year, with so little time online, and then so painfully slow, i’m really out of touch – so i arrived in guayaquil last night to prepare to meet a tour group, and the tour owner sent the itinerary that stated where we’d be eating tomorrow evening and then ‘whoever wants to go, there’s a super bowl party…’

    super bowl?  tomorrow night?  ummm, who’s playing?

    your post is the first hint of who’s playing!  care to bring me up to date and then what colors i should wear tomorrow evening?!!!!



    • Hi Lisa, glad to be of aid. My son is actually the “Football” knowledgeable go-to guy, but he lives with his family back East so you’ll have to settle for me! The Seattle SeaHawk’s (from Washington State, so of course I’m cheering for them) primary colors are navy blue and all sorts of neon green trim ( Accessories, Decals etc.) secondary colors – silver and white! The other team is the Denver Bronco’s (another Northwest team this year). Their colors are orange, royal blue and white! Both excellent teams. Either one could win the Super Bowl! As far as the colors go I think the Seahawk’s are snazzier!

      Whichever team (and colors you pick) have a ball! Party on amiga! 🙂

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