Be different ~ it becomes you!

I posted this piece about a year ago. I find it still holds true for all of us. Embrace who you are … a very good thing!

The Why About This


It’s not easy to be your own person.

It’s not easy to think outside of the box when everything can be so nice and cozy inside of it.

But you’re special! Most especially when you’re busy being you. Doing what YOU do uniquely well.

Often, It can be hard to go on when you realize you’re different from others.

But being different isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s a strong indication that you’ve got some new ideas and thoughts about how to do things. So keep pushing forward, humanity needs people just like you.

“Be different … it becomes you!” Penny L Howe 2013

Thank you,

~ Penny

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11 thoughts on “Be different ~ it becomes you!

  1. Being different is not a bad thing. It is a shame so many judge those who appear to travel outside the “norm”. I have felt different my entire life and it has taken many years to embrace those differences.

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