With Eyes Wide Open – Information Technology in our lives!

By clarita

THE BAD Too much information. Too much opinion. Too little thought. Too quick to respond so you’re not making informed decisions. Too little time to allow change to happen correctly in the offline world. Too much, too fast!

THE GOOD More people connecting around the world, More people sharing, More people learning, More people reaching out to others. More is a very good thing here. An excellent thing, actually!

The good and the bad things connected with all of the instant connectivity of information in our lives is overwhelming. Throw in commercial enterprise and politics and it is absolutely impossible to know what is true and what is false. On the scary side it does seem as if everyone is selling something to someone else. Whether its a product, a service or a mindset (think politics here)!

There is really no way around the fact that each day we are overwhelmed with more information than we can reasonably assimilate.

So what to do? Easy deal. Slow things down. Turn it off. You decide for how long. A few minutes, A day, A weekend. More. It will all still be there when you return.

Connect with things outside of multimedia. This means no computers, no tv and no iphones or ipads. Now there’s a thought.

Inconceivable? I don’t think so.
Necessary, I would think so, most especially with eyes wide open.

Have great weekend!

~ Penny

30 thoughts on “With Eyes Wide Open – Information Technology in our lives!

  1. I agree Penny. Only last week by default I did without the internet for 4 days. This was due to two days of power cut and a further two days of no internet connection (all due to the bad Irish weather). Anyway I was amazed at what I got done around the house during daylight hours, clearing out old cupboards, sorting through old magazines etc. Then the nights were spent reading, have to confess this was on a Kindle but all the same it was a book and it helped with the backlight when I didn’t have any other form of lighting.

    The downside is that now I’m connected again, I’ve got loads to catch up on 😦

    • Hi Claire, so true so true. I’ve been spending so much time offline with a few things to accomplish that I am way behind on visiting everyone, sigh! It is great to see you hear though and I adore kind too, my friend! πŸ™‚ xx

  2. I truly think time away from the TV, computers and phones are something we should all do now and then. Over the years, hubby and I have turned off the TV for months at a time; It has now been over one year without watching TV. Do I miss the TV – no way! I wish, turning off the computer was as easy. However, having spent my career in technology, I now only enjoy the fun stuff!

  3. You are right
    Too much information bombarded on everyone….
    No escape
    Now we have become habituated

    But I see one thing that can be only learnt from our own soul
    It’s the capacity to love and it’s an alchemy

  4. Pick up a good book, I’m with you there! I think some of the bad things can be turned to good, if people learn to think critically about what they read and in some cases do some research. Learning is great though, for instance until I had the internet I never knew that Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is the fear of long words. xx

    • Well that is a word that could make one fear words all by itself, SteJ! LOL, I like ‘simple is as simple does’, myself. Unless it’s a really good book with really good words in it (of course)! Hope all is going well over there for you! xx

  5. When hubby & I celebrated our 10th yr anniv we went to a place where we had no tv, no cell phone, no modern technologies whatsoever. It was a nice break away. After 10 days…back to reality.
    Hope all is well.
    I’m impatiently waiting for warmer days so that I can see my way out of my cave.
    xo πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xo

    • All is well RoSy. Still mostly offline, however I believe I’ve finally picked out my next laptop, so now it’s just a matter of getting it and setting everything up again. (Actually it was a birthday gift from Christina and her brother, I just couldn’t decide which one I wanted. It’ll be great to not need to switch to Christina’s ipad to Emma’s laptop to my iphone, LOL! Talk about Information Technology! πŸ™‚ xo

  6. This certainly goes back to that balancing act we must strive for in our lives. We have done a great job of shutting off the tv but it is difficult to disconnect from the computer when there is such wonderful blogging being done by so many creative minds. I have yet to find the balance, but I continue to search. πŸ˜‰

  7. It is still up to us to get up and shut things down. As long as we are not addicted it is ok. We are still in control and need to make our time as we want to, as much as we are in control of our happiness. Do what makes you happy and enjoy life. Enjoy your weekend Penny, big special hugs for you!

  8. It is nice to sit down in some places with no contact apart from human contact. Fewer and fewer people do that now. I know it is not often that I do it, I am forever blogging – although I am attempting to cut that right down.

    The good thing is the people I have met as a result of this fandangle interywebby thingamabob. Well, I have met two but “virtually” met others who I now class as friends.

    It can be fun, but it can also be hell as well.

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