My heart has room – does yours?


The Loving Heart!

If I filled this page with persuasive words would you be persuaded to think on what I’m saying? To perhaps change how you view things?

Would you trust me? Would you believe my words, unconditionally?

If I promised you untold riches and glories never before realized, would you come running and stand in line?

If I offered you a pill that would make everything all better, would you take it because I told you it would work?

If I said I could keep you safe and shelter you from all danger would you gather around me?

Do you think that one person can have the answers to your trials and tribulations?

Do you truly believe that just one single human being on the planet of more than 7 billion can “fix” things?

Do you think that even a small group of people can show you the best way to lead your life so that you will “for sure” be happier and better off than you are now.

Do you … Really?

The Answer: No one person can. I certainly would if I could. Yes I’m up for that. My heart has room for everyone on the planet. yes it does!

To bring peace, harmony and equality to all the peoples of the earth. I would be so good with that. To respect all life. Human, animal and plant.

Yes I’m good with that one too. Even more so because we are the caretakers for each other and our planet, these are our forests, mountains, valleys, deserts, oceans and rivers – and all the species that dwell on our planet – our responsibility. So if I could I surely would!

lost lake By mmainco


“But positive change (for all) can only happen when we achieve a recognition that each of us in our own imperfect way are perfect for who, how and where we are.”

Until then we stay in disharmony with nature and at war with not only each other but ourselves as well.

By jpkwitter

Can we change? Of course we can. Look to the positives we have slowly achieved so far, not the negatives. Will we change for the better? Well, that’s up to each of us. Every single one.

And can I make a difference in the world with just my words?

I don’t know, I like to think maybe,

but mostly I will try because …

“I truly believe there is room on our planet for everyone!”

~ Penny L Howe, 2014

27 thoughts on “My heart has room – does yours?

  1. Loving your always inspirational thoughts on life Penny. Yes, the world would seem to function better if we could all be more positive and focus on the goodness of our surroundings without greed. 🙂

  2. I like how u say it penny. .Really makes one think. .I know it begins with me and in me!
    U a very inspiring person and im greatful to have met u!
    How are u doing?

    • HI Lisa, thank you, and it is so nice to have you visit. I’ve been spending a fair amount of time offline right now, taking care of some other things, but all is well and I hope things have been going well for you also my friend! xx

      • Getting stronger all round even with rough times that lasted over a month…
        Im now looking after me physically and mentally no more abuse!
        Take care penny

  3. You carry a world of wisdom & you also have a wonderful heart. That combo is priceless.
    And – just so you know – I’m keeping you as my fave neighb. You are not allowed to move elsewhere – EVER! LOL
    xo 🙂 🙂 xo

  4. But you can give people shelter, you can give people the answers, and you do. Every time you say “be you” or “be positive”

    You can because we all can.

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