Some things need repeating – if you’re a woman!

It’s your life – own it!

I first wrote this piece a little over a year ago, and I’m posting it again because I believe it’s a message that we (women) need to be reminded of – again and again!

More than half of the people on this planet are female (this includes you and I)! We are not a minority in any way and this is your life, we’re talking about here. You are the one that breathes in and out of your body every day. You are the one who should be deciding how you want to live you life. YOU!

In the following movie clip from Aliens the heroine “Ripley” definitely encounters more things than we can ever imagine having to cope with in our lives.

But there is a point here. When something needs to be done. She does it. She makes the decisions she needs to make and makes them count!

We may not be facing aliens but every day we face all sorts of things to be dealt with. Our choices, our life. This includes speaking out on our beliefs and rights and defending them if necessary. Decide and then make it happen. It is your life, Don’t let others dictate how it’s going to be!

In the meantime, enjoy probably the greatest sci-fi heroine ever! And yes, she definitely owns her life!


Thanks for your visit, remember stay strong and take care of you!

~ Penny

8 thoughts on “Some things need repeating – if you’re a woman!

  1. Yes! I so agree with you! We all need to speak up! And those of us who find this easy because of our cultural background, freedom of speech and upbringing, need to speak up for those who do not have the same privileges! Great post!

    • Hi Courtney. Thank you again. Sounds like you surround yourself with my kind of people too. Too cool. Glad you found me also, have the best weekend you can, my new friend! 🙂

  2. Penny you are so right. It does need repeating as we always seem to go back to the old rut. I am having a hard time at work again and I keep having to remind myself of that I am in control of my life and happiness. Not as easy always.
    Penny a big hug to you and thank you for the reminder. Enjoy being a woman adn being you! ♥

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