Friday Fictioneers – The Walkway to Nowhere!


Photograph: Copyright Adam Ickes ©


The Walkway to Nowhere!

The raised passageway was built from wood locally grown and hewed. The builder had provided the wood at no cost. Locals were surprised by his generosity! There was talk!

“Henry, have you been on the walkway recently?” She asked, handing him his morning cup of beverage.

“Nope.” He replied. “Haven’t been there since I finished building it. Why?”

“Well, I know you were against it’s construction and now there are reports of visiting folks going missing there.”

Henry the Sorcerer, appeared to contemplate her news while drinking in a deep satisfying gulp of his special wetlands brew.

“Hmmm” He said contentedly!


It’s been awhile since I’ve spent time with the Friday Fictioneers. The writers there, whose stories (of approximately 100 words) always make for a good read , are lead by the gracious and talented hostess Rochelle. For more information on how you can become a Friday Fictioneer or just spend some time reading other author’s creative musings, click here!

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41 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Walkway to Nowhere!

    • Protein is a good thing, Sarah! We need lots of protein in our diets! And some sources are richer than others, lol! Thank you for stopping by, reading and commenting. Thanks also for the compliment, very much appreciated by me! 🙂

  1. Dear Penny,

    I was beginning to think that Henry had possibly made you disappear. Great to see you back here. Methinks there’s a reason for his contentedness and it doesn’t sound good. Nice one.



    • Hi Rochelle. Thanks, nice to be back! Actually there are days when a (good) sorcerer would certainly be handy to have around when some of life’s unexpected happenings occur! 🙂

  2. I like the way you used the title, Penny, and I enjoyed that he has a special wetlands brew. Nice to have you back and writing. Right here, ” it’s construction”, you have an unneeded apostrophe.


    • Hi Janet. Belated happy birthday. Thank you. Thanks for the heads up with “its”. Even when I know I don’t need the apostrophe, too frequently in the moment I’ll put it in there and then not catch it later when editing. Just one of the many boo boo’s I tend to make when writing. Another one is they’re and their, and again even though I know better, sigh 🙂

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