Writer’s Tip (content, promotion) – Who are you writing for?

Be sure your subject matter is something your reader can really get into! Something they will enjoy! Something that holds their interest.

… Once upon a time there was a village filled to overflowing with many delicious and succulent humans!

By SDRandCo
“Well now that sounds really interesting.
I think I’ll read some more of this fine story!”

(A good tip to think on! Are you writing for yourself or for your reader?)

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25 thoughts on “Writer’s Tip (content, promotion) – Who are you writing for?

    • Hi, Rebecca. In a word, nope. At least I believe this to be true most of the time. On occasion, writers can get carried away with an issue or describing a setting or circumstance when the plot or story really needs to be moving forward at a reasonable pace.

      Being a word lover, I can plead guilty to this myself. All writers are writing a piece of themselves, their imagination and opinions into their stories. It is their story after all. In this post my reference point was writing content that will hold the readers interest and, of course, having fun with the illustration.

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