I Thirst – For the Waters of Life!

I Thirst

for …

emotional flavors,

beautiful vistas,

unfolding riches,

from the bounty of life.

I find,

exotic sensations,

beauty, wealth, comfort

to surround me.

I am blessed

with the waters of life.


But am I worthy of this liquid wellspring?

Am I – greed and grasping,


humble, respectful, careful

of Earth’s diminishing resources.

I become fearful,

that I,

through wanton indifference,

will end my days

sipping polluted tears

from my eyes …

a witness,


the waters of life run dry,

due entirely to …


unquenchable thirst for life!

~ Penny L Howe, 2014

Today is World Water Day. Find out why, and what this means to you and I, and our families future sustainability – before the well runs dry for all of us!


17 thoughts on “I Thirst – For the Waters of Life!

  1. We take too much involving Mother Earth for granted. I find it puzzling for those who have children and grandchildren not to want to do as much as possible to ensure a healthy, safe place for them to live.

    • Yes, its as if most people’s mantra is “not my problem” or responsibility … until they are personally and immediately effected and then you see a lot of advocacy going on, sigh!

  2. We take water too much for granted, that we have to have na awarness day for it. We can’t live without it and should value it more. Thanks for your lovely poem about it !

    • I agree with you Ute. It is so important, more so than too many realize today. Thank you, the poem was my way of expressing concern universally! Probably more poetic than simply saying “smarten up everyone, we are water hogs and allowing our drinking water to be polluted! Did you know that less than 1 percent (.37%) of the water on our planet is drinkable? Scary, huh!

      • It was rather wet and windy here but hey I enjoyed scraping the ice from my car windows this morning, and did someone mention that it was spring already? 🙂 lol

        Well hopefully it will be… soon 😉

        Have a lovely Monday
        my sweet and dear Penny 🙂

        Andro xxxx

  3. I did not know it was World Water Day today, or I would have done a post for it. As it is nearly tomorrow, and I am exhausted, I think I will do a post for it in the next day or so.

    Your poem has brought forth what it means to need the water and where we will be if we keep polluting it the way we are. Ways can always be found to stop the pollution, preferably before the end of the world. You have brought it home well with this Penny. Thank you.

    And delightful images you have found to go with it.

    • Hello Alastair, thank you. Always a pleasure for me to share things I know we all care about! Trying to bring this problem home creatively was a bit of a challenge, but sometimes if rendered well, one can get more traction or more people paying attention to a situation that is very concerning in our world today!

      • Unfortunately we pollute more water than is necessary. Actually, I saw something the other day, it is from someone I am friends with on Facebook, and she does do a lot of “help the planet” posts, and one that stuck in my mind was “If we, as everyday people, throw something in the water to pollute it, we get a fine. And yet these large corporations get away with it all the time”. Too often unfortunately. If some of the big companies took a stand, it may make more of the general public see what is happening and how our world is being destroyed a lot faster than it was 20 years ago.

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