Ready for your Close-up?

By kakisky

“I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. Demille!”

In life we never know when opportunity will present itself! The best way to be ready for the chance you’ve been waiting for – is to fix in your mind a strong belief that you know it will happen! Not just wishful thinking or a dreamers dream – but that absolute “belief in yourself“, your possibilities and your potential!

“Believing in yourself!  One of the most important elements

for attracting opportunities that can lead to your success!” 

~ PennyQuote, 2014

And – then (of course) be ready to take advantage of the opportunity that has arrived! Are you ready for your close-up?

I hope everyone had a pleasant and relaxing weekend. Do have a good week ahead and remember … always … take care of you!

With Affection,
~ Penny

18 thoughts on “Ready for your Close-up?

  1. Life does tend to take us by surprise. I like to think that I’m living in such a way that I’m ready for the unexpected. Never go out of the house without your eyebrows on.

  2. Reblogged this on quirkybooks and commented:
    Hi everyone

    I love this post and feel it is most appropriate. I have just been given a golden opportunity to work on the final editing of my book, because I have an unexpected holiday week to take off from my day job, that started today. Yipeeeee!

    I am going to be hibernating a lot at home this week to work hard at finishing my book, so if you don’t hear much more from me this week, rest assured I will most definitely be back to blogging and answering your comments as soon as I can, after this week.

    Keep believing in yourself, stay positive, and leave the door open for opportunities to come your way.

    Write when I am able to

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  4. Those creatures crack me up. They’re one of my must sees when I go to the zoo.
    I much prefer to see them on tv roaming in their natural habitat though.

    Minus a migraine that intruded last night – the weekend was not bad. Yesterday I got a lot done around the house. Today – was a chill kind of day. We did manage to make our way out to catch some fresh air. So – that was nice.

    Hope you & the fam enjoyed your weekend too.
    xo 🙂 🙂 xo

    • They are wonderful to observe. I agree, much rather out in their realtime habitat instead of a zoo! I’m hoping this will be the last of the nasty weather for you guys. No more migraines. I’m happy you were able to enjoy your family. RoSy! We had a super weekend here. 🙂 xo

  5. Hi Penny, its good to read this post. I think opportunity should be grabbed with two hands. My life is changing as opportunity comes my way. I have always said that when you are presented with an opportunity to say yes and then worry about how you might achieve it. We don’t always get opportunity as many of us are content in the life we have but opportunity also represents change and a new outlook, a new aspect of life and we should always be looking for areas to grow in. As you know I don’t work anymore and I thought that would bother me but it hasn’t. Now I have to look forward each day to my ever lasting holiday and its a good place to be in.
    So I have had a good weekend, but everyday for me is a good day. Enjoy your week Penny my friend. xx

  6. You have to be ready to steer life in the direction you want it to go. Great thoughts for a Sunday, Penny.

    Do you mind if I nick that for tomorrow?

  7. Thank you Penny, I had a beautiful relaxing weekend in a hotel as a Spa weekend , it was amazing and I feel refreshed and energised. Yes I thought I have to take care of myself once in a while and did! Have a really good week Penny, Much love Ute

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