Don’t be Shy … It’s your life!

By Natureworks4

There’s a whole wonderful world out there, just waiting for you to discover!

By Natureworks5

Come out into the sun! Embrace and explore your life, your world

is waiting for you!


“The warmth of the sun can’t shine down upon you,

or light your way,

if you stay hidden in the shadows!”

Penny L Howe, 2014


Have a great day today everyone, and a better tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by,

~ Penny

18 thoughts on “Don’t be Shy … It’s your life!

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    • Hello dear friend. I’ve been offline a fair bit these past 5 days, so I’m doing a little bit of catch-up here in the comment section. Hope you’re having a good week and that your April 1st was a good one for you, Ute! xx

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