Kick Start your Imagination! You can do it!

Open you mind, suspend your reality.

Dream big, Β ~ Dream wild ~ Dream imaginative. Remember when you were a kid? All things are possible and fun in our world of pure imagination when we’re young. Go there now!

Nothing is better than releasing your pent up emotions by retreating to a place where you decide the outcome ~ with your imagination!

By beglib3

My Dream car – the past, the future – all shiny and surrealistically romantic!

Anything can happen – that I want – in my dreamworld. Come join me there, you won’t be sorry!

Imagination – Yours for the dreaming of … make it so, now!

Hoping your weekend has been the best ever, have an excellent week ahead my friends, and remember to take care of you ~ Penny

14 thoughts on “Kick Start your Imagination! You can do it!

      • We can πŸ™‚ I remember once, I was in a dream, I remember it so well just for the dry humour.

        I was trying to get get down a manhole and there was a car coming, but I couldn’t get down the tunnel there was a blockage that I couldn’t see. I know I said to myself “This is a dream. This isn’t real, I have never been on this road so I know it is a dream, ad I can control it, I can be elsewhere. Then I was on a train, and said to the conductor “I did it, I controlled my dream” and the conductor said “Yes, Very good, Tickets please” πŸ™‚

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