Follow, Follow, Follow … Is it the direction you’re headed in?

By AcrylicArtist

Follow me, I know the way. I’ll give you a better day. At least that’s what they all do say.

“Follow me on Twitter, hashtag #the latest buzz.”
“Follow me on Facebook, well – just because.”
“Follow me on Google, your circle will expand.”
“Follow me on LinkedIn, I’ll help you understand.”
“Follow me on WordPress, see my written word.”
“Follow me on YouTube to view/hear the greater world.”
“Follow me on GoodReads, read my book review.”
“Follow me on (insert here – a social medium you view)!”

Follow me, follow me, everywhere you go.

Change, inform and criticize – just follow, so you’ll know.

But will you know who you are, in the mix of all the change?

By AcrylicArtist2

Will you still be you – or slightly rearranged?

When you follow anything, know just where it leads.

Follow up your “Follows” – is it a healthy feed?

Technology is wonderful, connections evermore.

Just make sure, you do know where …

… there is an exit door.


Have an excellent week ahead everyone!

~ Penny


41 thoughts on “Follow, Follow, Follow … Is it the direction you’re headed in?

      • Yes Penny, I am really happy that you said ‘special friends’. I am smiling. I love loads of your posts because I can relate to them so much. I think we ponder some of the same questions of life.xx

  1. I struggle so much with this as of late. How much is too much connectivity? I feel the world slipping by me at times as I sit in front of my computer {sigh}.

    • Hi LuAnn. I also, have felt this way, but I think I have a plan. If it works out (crossing fingers) I will be putting myself on what I consider a workable schedule for posting and visiting, along with a flexible schedule for all the other things I need and want to do. I’ll keep you posted as to how it goes, and you too – keep taking care of you dearest sister and friend of mine! xo

  2. It is all a bit much, in fact I think I have been so focused recently on being out there, that I find it hard to concentrate on one thing rather than flipping between many…which is never conducive for reading books.

    • Sigh, to connect or not to connect – that is the question!
      Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous hashtags, or to take arms against a sea of blogging comments and by opposing – end them? Such problems have we in this e-generation. I say return to the books, SteJ! 🙂 xx

  3. Penny, I love your message, I realize that i cannot follow everything, so I have been slowing down, i think I rather take more time to reflect, smell the roses, and just move slower. I like sharing, I like writing, though I have never thought well of my ability as a poet. But I am one who likes to leave a comment each time I visit. It becomes hard sometimes and that takes away a little bit of the friendship one has built by speaking and commenting, even if it is over the net! We begin to know one through their words, and in there you see their heart and spirit. You always have something very meaningful to say and that makes a moment in my day wonderful…hugs and blessings to you always my sister!

    • Wendell, I am honored by you. and your kind words. Your gentle soul and nurturing ways are a much needed and appreciated balm to me. I give to you hugs and blessings also Wendell. You are so deserving of them. May your weekend and week that follows be a peaceful, uplifting and happy one, my brother.

    • Hi Celestine, thanks. It is isn’t it? I think about it a lot, the good and the bad. The bad being sometimes too much time online but the good is sooo good – that being to connect and create new wonderful friends, I love the whole global nurturing of new connections, dear friend of mine. Have an excellent weekend ahead with your family – have some fun! xx

  4. Excellent photos Penny.

    I love this following post. By following we get more of an insight as to what that person is like and what kind of a person they are. It is a pleasure to follow you across the mediums Penny. I may reactivate my Linked In at some point. I have done so with Google+ and YouTube, so maybe. If I do, I will follow you on there as well my friend.

    Hope all of you over there have a wonderful week.

    • Hi Alastair, thank you dear friend of mine. To connect or not connect … that is the question. Actually to connect with friends and possibly make new ones is a great answer here! 🙂 xo

  5. Isn’t it funny, ?I think Mr Google knows more about me than some of my friends. (not really good ones though) He knows what I like, how I think, what I eat, how I dress….. quite scary actually. But hten I nhave nothing to hide and I am me and I am happy to be me!
    Let’s have a wonderful day together Penny!

    • Hi Ute, I agreed 100% with you about Mr. Google et. al. I feel the same, I also have nothing to hide and am happy to be me too. Besides, I think the ‘you’ that you are is fantastic Ute! Okay, a wonderful day and tomorrow also dearest friend! 🙂 xoxo

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