The Strength of A Woman!

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Tears of Compassion

Tears do not make one weak. The salty liquid flows freely into the wounds of our trials, increasing resolve and determination to make things better – equal – balanced.

When looking at one of the symbols for justice, you will see it’s represented by a blindfolded female holding the balance scale. I’ve always found that intriguing and representative of how a woman’s role has historically been viewed – still is.

It is increasingly obvious that it is not the woman who is blinded by what she is or isn’t, but rather she is blindfolded by those who see her as – less than.

Personal strength is not about being more physically capable (although all bullies consider it so), strength is also about character, determination, our individual willingness and ability to care. To balance all of our human attributes with greater awareness and understanding and always with compassion. When a woman cries she demonstrates this – crying is not weakness. I repeat – not a weakness.

The sad truth is, too often, weakness of character manifests into physical brutality by an otherwise weak individual – to get their way. Winning by being mean, physically/verbally abusive and in the extreme, killing other people (even in the name of war) is often the easy way out. War achieves first and foremost – death and misery. Power, and the misguided belief “might makes right” has been in existence since the beginning of our caveman days,  and continues on today in many areas of society, government, and big business.

A woman’s compassion is one of humanity’s greatest survival strengths. A man’s physical strength poses for him some of his greatest’s blind-spots and handicaps. Most women want to protect all life, inherently a part of their nurturing nature, and a large part of their strength.

Those who view women as “lesser than” also tend to consider life as just another commodity to be used – as needs be. Again history bears this out. So does the repeated raping and brutality of women, children and the planet itself that we ALL live on.

Universally recognizing the female’s important and ‘completely equal’ half in the “human equation of life”, along with her amazing and natural strengths, can only assist mankind in truly becoming more balanced – it’s time for the blindfold to be gone.

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“Humanity will owe its survival in the future – as in the past –

to those with caring compassion and tears.”


Thank you,

Penny L Howe, 2014

14 thoughts on “The Strength of A Woman!

  1. This was so beautiful Penny. Your writing reminds me of someone else’s, Reconstructing… ring a bell? 🙂 I particularly liked this line ” It is increasingly obvious that it is not the woman who is blinded by what she is or isn’t, but rather she is blindfolded by those who see her as – less than.” xo

  2. I believe it is unwise and fruitless to attempt to raise one half of the human race by attempting to lower the other. People have compassion, men and women. People do bad things, men and women. People cry, men and women. We have far more in common than we are different. Subtle put-downs are still put-downs. Speaking of a gender as all the same does no justice to either gender. It is in the recognizing of the strengthss of every person, regardless of gender, that I believe the world has the best chance of working together to create a better world for all.

    I’ve always believed that the blindfold represented impartiality.

    With respect,

    • Hello Russ, thank you kindly for your comment. I was honestly not attempting to lower the other half of humanity, which in reality has been done to many females for a very long time. I was referring to historical and real time events that have gone on and continue to do so. I believe a woman has her own handicaps that she also brings to the table, just as do men. But it would be nice if there was less physical cruelty. It was not intended as a subtle put down, (to you and many other men that I know, honor and admire) but a reality check for those who need it.

      With affection,

      • Thank you for your kind, thoughtful, and graceful reply, Penny. I appreciate it. I agree that it would indeed be nice if there was less cruelty of all kinds, physical, mental, and emotional. May the world create through kindness, empathy, acceptance, and compassion, a life where cruelty and pain impact ever-fewer numbers of victims, perpetrators, and their loved ones.


  3. “I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men,
    they are far superior and always have been” ~ William Golding

    I think he hit the nail on the head. Also that tears are needed to wash away the pain.

    • Well spoken and I do love that quote, Alastair, however, I do have to say that men can have their own problems as well with the other gender. It isn’t easy for any of us to get it right.

  4. I’ve always wondered, in regards to the blindfolded woman holding the scales of justice, after reading your thoughts I am starting to see it on a different light.. mmm..!

    • Hi Andy. There is an actual meaning intended in the justice system (that of being judged – when it comes to law – impartially). Not the one I suggested. Ahhh the creative mind as one attempts to illustrate opinions we have about things, my friend! xx

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