Feed me … Your essence! (the blogging experience)


Feed me so I can grow. Feed me so I can know.
Feed my soul, feed my heart, my creative muse … So I can sow.

That which I reap become the seeds of change.
Feed me with the essence of your being … your personal life experiences.
My cravings for knowing are insatiable.
I need you and I want to believe you need me too.


Ultimately we humans are the sum total not only of our life achievements but also our exchanges, our sharing, our support, love, respect and understanding of those around us. Humans, animals and yes even plant life and the forces of nature. All part of a full life experience.

“From a quantum perspective we move beyond surviving to thrivingย when we embrace life and one another. Our very diversity of expression and background becomes fodder – the raw material – from which we learn, grow and prosper.” Penny L Howe, 2014

So feed me.
Feed me now and I … I will feed you in turn.


Thanks for stopping by,

~ Penny

19 thoughts on “Feed me … Your essence! (the blogging experience)

  1. Nature, words, and the loving, giving nature of beautiful spirits in the blogging community feed me and make me so thankful for this worldwide connection. Thank you for the inspirational role you play Penny. I am forever grateful for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. To know, experience and discover is the best hobby a person can have, to never stop learning and seeing and thinking. When I am bored I can flex my mind on a problem or a thought or just a word, it’s the most portable thing I have, is my mind and I dare say we get on.

    Blogging is a huge part of that and is a continual, evolving, growing treat…like Wikipedia but for people with souls!

  3. I love this post Penny. It is so true we feed off our surroundings. Happiness equals happy and negativity can drag our spirits down the drain. I prefer to be around happiness, that feeds my soul with proper nourishment. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great week my friend. xo

  4. I think the beauty of the blogging world is the sheer diversity of people who write the most amazing of things. I have been been blown away recently in realising just how many bloggers there are out there each writing in their own unique ways captivating their readers and adding to the overall fabric of life and experience. I learn so much from other perspectives Penny, its one of the reasons I enjoy this blogging business. Great post today and your wise words have hit a chord with me. Enjoy your weekend.

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