The Dichotomy of Hope – A Haibun for our Tomorrows.

Funny thing about “Hope”. It is both fragile beyond imagining and yet often has a tenacity and strength seemingly unbelievable.

How can this be?

Perhaps an analogy made with a puffball, to enlighten.

A Wish upon a Puffball – One single seed!

Fingers carefully grasped the fragile puffball’s stem, not wanting to disturb the ethereal seeds too soon. My wish might not be heard, but blown away. The wish made, I blew gently, scattering the fair dandelion seeds upon moist morning breezes.

Wishful thinking indeed for hopes to be realized, yet all that is needed for the puffball is but a single seed. A lone survivor tossed in the unpredictable winds of nature. It only takes one … one seed to reach the earth for regrowth and fruition.

And so it is with hope. A seed of potential and possibility, cast upon the winds of fortune.

May our hopes, dreams and wishes reach fruition. All that is needed is one single seed!

hope strengthens me

a most delicate framework

of possibilities


Have a great day today and even better tomorrow,

Thank you for stopping by,

~ Penny


20 thoughts on “The Dichotomy of Hope – A Haibun for our Tomorrows.

  1. This was fabulous Penny! I have found many times in life that what I initially had hoped for has changed, as I grow and particularly when I am interacting with another who may be in a bad place. I do believe, however, that hope must continue to live within us.

  2. Beautiful and this gave me hope 😉 Great written ! and by the way nice photo of you 🙂 Have a nice day 🙂

  3. Hope is always good. I had an acronym for HOPE that I used all the time, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it is. I must be getting old and losing my marbles.

    As for Haibun’s, this week is unfortunately the last week week for Haibun Thinking. I started a new course today so that will be taking my time up. I had the choice of stopping Haibun Thinking or Sunday Photo Fiction. As the latter has been going for over a year and is well established, it had to be the former. The advantage is that at the end of it, I will be able to write a lot better, and my Access, Excel and Powerpoint 🙂

    I love that image of the dandelion clocks as well

    • Yes, hope is a good thing and you have too many marbles to lose them, Alastair. The job you did with Haibun Thinking is excellent but I, for one, understand time limitations and I agree that Sunday Photo Fiction has become an important Sunday creative writing challenge for many to count on and look forward to. Hope your class went well! 🙂 xx

      • Thank you Penny 🙂 It went a lot better than I expected it to. I was expecting to whizz through the first few bits, but it took me longer because there was stuff I didn’t know and I was really happy about that. It is all stuff that I can implement straight away.

        I hope you all have a wonderful weekend

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