Being Cherished

The greatest need of all, after the needs of food, clothing and shelter are satisfied, is to be cherished by someone. To know that in a special someone’s heart we have a home we can count on.

Material goals are perceived as necessary in civilization today. But if that is true, it doesn’t then explain all the divorces, over-eating, over indulging in those very same material goals that obviously aren’t doing the trick, only achieving short term happiness along with a lot of unhappy, unfulfilled, sick and miserable people out there.

Do you cherish someone? Let them know. And let them know you need to be cherished too? Today! It’s important, it matters!

“Truly cherishing and being cherished is at the “heart” of what love is all about.”Β 

Penny L Howe, 2014


And just so you know, I cherish you, “my worldwide friends” more than you can ever imagine. You matter and I don’t forget it – not for a nanosecond!

With love and affection,

~ Penny


16 thoughts on “Being Cherished

  1. You know you are cherished by me, my dear. We seem like Peter affirming his love for Christ after being asked, only to turn around and betray him. But unlike Peter, we won’t betray you. πŸ™‚ xoxoxo!

    • Thank you Celestine. I wish we could meet in person. That would be so wonderful, but you are in my heart. I agree with your words. Why say one thing and then do the opposite. πŸ™‚ xoxo

  2. I cannot imagine for a second that your readers wonder whether they are cherished by you. The inspiration your provide give new meaning to the word. A simple thank you doesn’t seem near enough to express what you have done for me. Please know that your friendship is cherished beyond words.

  3. A lady with such a beautiful voice to express those feelings of hope and love.
    Thank you for sharing this beauty and for your words of love reaching out. We all need to know this. Hugs and love to you too.x

  4. Penny if I could only give you a big real hug. I do cherish you so much too. Also some others and yes we need to tell them and let them know. You are wonderful Penny, love you! Very big tight hug, it means a lot to me your lovely writing!
    Beautiful song!

  5. LOVE this!
    I definitely cherish you my fave neighb. You are beautiful, wise & inspiring. That’s quite a triple threat!
    xo πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xo

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