Sunday Photo Fiction – The Trucker

The truck stood waiting. His tricked out, shiny and sleek, big rig, 18 wheeler. The engine had been idling and now was warmed up and ready for him to go on his midnight run to the city and then out into the far lying reaches of numerous small towns, delivering goods that wouldn’t be delivered if it wasn’t for him and his mighty truck …

By wallyir3

… In the harsh light of reality’s morning sun, he rolled out of bed. After several cups of coffee and a quick breakfast he was on his way. Not in the 18-wheeler, but in a much more modest truck, picking up trash people left by the curbside each day.

Throughout the early morning hours he filled the back of his truck with the multitude of various unwanted things, finding (as usual) he couldn’t wait to return home so he could  rummage through the discarded items. His price for removing the trash.

58 05 May 4th 2014

Photograph by Alastair Forbes

Amazing that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Inconceivable how many quality items he found and resold, adding to his “dream truck” kitty.

One day … one day he vowed, he’d have enough money to buy the truck of his dreams. To be a real trucker,  to pick up and deliver cargo or “goods”. Being on the road – for real. Living the dream.

Until then he’d depend on his trusty little truck to get the job done. He was a trucker after all, even if for now – it was only in spirit.

But one day …


This is my entry for Sunday Photo Fiction. For more info. click here. Lots of great short fiction stories to check out or enter yourself. Lots of fun for everyone at Alastair’s Sunday Photo Fiction.

Have a great week ahead, keep working towards your dreams. Dreams do come true.

~ Penny



17 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – The Trucker

  1. aloha Penny. excellent points of hope and dream working. about the middle of the story my head was spinning off in another direction—so your ending caught me unexpected and nodding, yes. true as well. fun read. aloha

      • the snap direction i took held to your story for a little way. what i was spinning into was that this guy collected junk in an old truck. then took it back to fix it up and at night (because he already had his big 18 wheeler) he’d deliver the repaired stuff to people who needed these things. broken washers—fixed. etc. he was able to do this because he had enough money already. he didnt want this known, so he collected by day in an old beat up truck. fixed things up until he had a load. then by night he drove the dream beauty 18 wheeler to deliver. . . .

        it’s a dream too of course. fun. and yes, i will try hard to take are of me. you too of course. aloha. r.

          • ha. you know. i got to thinking about this. i’m not surprised you like it. i think it is an extension of your words rather than a spin off. almost as if you wrote the first half of the story. and later he had gotten the 18 wheeler. anyone who could save up to get an 18 wheeler like that would have to believe strongly in what they were doing. and anyone with that kind of belief could do anything. including making enough money to be able to finish the story with the second part. way fun. all do to your words. aloha.

  2. Why dream small when you can dream BIG. Everybody has to start somewhere. Love this story Penny, and thanks for taking part 🙂

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