Forever … and a day!

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If I were to ask you is there really a forever …?

Would you think about it? Would you dismiss it as just a silly question with no definitive answer?

It is one of those pondering type of questions I think. I’m guessing most of us would put the word “forever” in a category of Β “a real long time plus a little longer where we can’t see the end” sort of understanding.

But just pretend for a minute that your mind can stretch itself out to eternity and travel …”to infinity and beyond… where would it go and what would you see and experience? If you are seriously thinking about this then you are using the finest mode of transportation you have. Your IMAGINATION.

Forever and a Day

I think forever will always be

So the quest I do instead,

Is what I’d do with the extra day

Explore or stay Β ‘abed

Whispering breezes far afield

Twinkling star litΒ night,

worlds without end cannot be seen

the vistas out of sight



dewdrops in the morning

mother nature’s misty breath

I wonder, dream, imagine

The question … says Hamlet!


Visualizing the “forever” of things can be a difficult.

How wonderful for us that we each possess the greatest method of visualizing ever. Our Imagination.

Imagine Forever …

The perfect vehicle for exploring your thoughts about things – like the question of forever. Take yours for a spin today, because like all good things, use it or you’ll lose it!


Explore your imagination!

~ Penny

28 thoughts on “Forever … and a day!

  1. Loved the poem Penny! Something to ponder – eh? I shared with my Dad what I said to my Mom of my belief in forever. My Dad looked at me and he said to me, “What I thought was fear in your Mom’s face when she passed, was, now that I reflect on it, an ‘Ah ha!’ moment. My daughter, without much time left of life, I understand what you are saying to me. I will be here forever!” Indeed they both will and so will I! So here is the question: If infinity is before you, will there ever be one more day? πŸ™‚

    Hope this makes sense…having a bit of chemo brain, but I needed to write this! Hugs my dear and be well – ^..^ B

    • Hi Barb, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. This is a tough week for the family, being both Jack’s birthday and also the week his dad died a few years ago, making the days a little bit tougher for the children and adults both. You keep taking care of you. I will be sending an email to you today. All my love and support to you dearest friend, Penny xo

  2. I really really liked this one Penny ! Great written and a great read before saying good night : – ) Lullaby friend , xx

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