For all that is precious, please …

Regardless of your faith or beliefs, it is a TRUTH that all lives are precious and of value. No one should have the right to abuse, mistreat, kidnap, torture or kill another.

“Regardless of where a person lives, or who they are,

they have the right

to live their lives with dignity and freedom.

Women are not chattel.

They deserve the RIGHT to be as free as men.

The right to pursue their individual paths of destiny,

as should we all.

When anyone is treated in such a wrong manner,

humanity must rise up to defend their rights,

because that’s WHO  WE ARE,

that’s when we are at our very best

when we come together and work as one,

to do away with the cruelties of the world.”

Penny L. Howe, 2014


I continue to pray for all of those women who are mistreated by the power of others both in my country and around the world. May the young ladies currently and forcibly controlled by those with ill intent, kidnapped from their school and homes, be safe and released soon to those who love them.

~ Penny

12 thoughts on “For all that is precious, please …

    • Hi Valentine, sorry for the delay. I need more hours in my day, you don’t happen to know where I might get a few, do you? LOL, Seriously I hope you are doing well my friend! xx

  1. I don’t know if it is the song, the poem, the message or all three, but this had me in tears the same as it did the first time you shared this song.

    Far too many women (and men) are abused, mistreated or repressed in this world by men thinking that they are above them. Nobody is above anyone else. If it can breathe, it is to be loved. Nobody has the right to take anyone’s freedom; nobody has the right to take anyone’s life; nobody has the right to take anyone’s dignity.

    I hope you have a good day tomorrow Penny.

    • Hi Ivonne, hope you are doing well, my friend? I totally agree with you, my idea of life does include ALL living things. We are not only their caretakers (not doing a good job there either), but we need them all too. xx

  2. Thank you for the beautiful message, song, and post, Penny! May the women described in this message–and those who strive to these ideals–find lasting joy, and for those who do not, may they become enlightened and find within themselves the ability to change. May men appreciate the treasure that is all woman with such attributes and treat them with love, compassion, and respect, and for those who do not, may they become enlightened and find within themselves the ability to change.

    • Thank you Russ. It’s a hard time for both men and women with so many changes going on around the world and in our own personal surroundings. I agree with you there are many men who do appreciate women and the other way around – thank goodness. Stay well, my friend! xx

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