Are You The Captain Of Your Vessel? Are You Sure?


During a bad storm on the high seas;

a sturdy vessel, good navigation skills,

and a captain in control can make

the necessary difference for survival.

… And there is absolutely no difference when charting and sailing the high seas of your life,
most especially when weathering emotional storms that come your way.

(Bear with me here – sometimes it makes a positive difference for all of us to view things from a different perspective.)

“If the vessel, in which you travel (your body) isn’t doing so well, and your emotions are overwhelming you; if you find your thoughts and actions doing daily battle with worries, fearfulness, feeling trapped or defeated and you are unsure of your direction, 

think on this …”

one) “YOU” are the captain of your vessel. It is yours to nurture and keep healthy. This makes a huge difference, after all, you would not take a poorly maintained ship out upon the ocean. Eat and drink healthily, and move your body in a healthy manner (exercise) as you can.

two) Your thoughts, emotions and subsequent actions are your “CREW”.

The actions you take in your life come about as the direct result of what you are thinking and feeling – that’s a fact! If your “crew” steering your human vessel isn’t doing well and spending all it’s time reacting to things; then it’s time for you, the captain, to step in and override these poor decisions.

three) Take charge of yourself. You are the captain. Charter your course, (your plans) Determine the direction you want to go (dreams, hopes, desires) and head that way. Make your course strong and clear, in spite of potential stormy weather or bad conditions.

Are you steering in the direction you want to go, adjusting your course as needed until your destination is reached?  Never forget, you are the captain (the one who should be in control) at the wheel. If not, now’s the time. Make those course changes.

And never forget – You’re the Captain!

Happy sailing!


~ Penny

36 thoughts on “Are You The Captain Of Your Vessel? Are You Sure?

    • Hello LuAnn. Thank you. Still offline a whole bunch, but I am getting a lot of writing done. So that’s the good news, missing you a ton, however. Much love to you this day dearest sister and friend! xo

  1. Reblogged this on beatredundancyblues and commented:
    Hi everyone

    Whilst redundant, it is important to take care of the inner you, before you can concentrate on the outer you. Read more about this in my new Break through the barriers of redundancy book – Coming soon to Amazon.

    Stay positive

    • Thanks, RoSy. A little bit of a twist. I thought if I presented how we think about things a little differently it might resonate with a few, perhaps. And a life jacket is a very good thing. It would be nice to have one for land too, now that I think about it, lol. 🙂 xo

  2. That is the great thing in life, once you realise that you are in control of your body and mind/thoughts you can steer yourself anywhere and make the life you want to. Once you realise that you can stop negative thoughts you are on your way to a better life. It takes time but whe it happens then it is wow!
    Penny wishing you a veyr happy day!

  3. Reblogged this on IAmLivingWithSLL and commented:
    My dear friend Penny is a wise woman! Read these words about being in control of your life, and know that they come from a place deep within her heart! Penny has weathered many a storm, fought many battles, and over the years, I have seen this amazing woman take charge! I hope that you enjoy this post as much as I did! I am the captain! Are you?

  4. I love this. Yes, we are all in charge of our destinies, if we let go of the wheel, it’s a crapshoot where we will land. The waters aren’t always smooth but if have a path, we know where we intend to go and have to have patience to ride it out. 🙂

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