To Be … Not Who I Am!

Prawny1Deus ex machina

When words become less than the sum of their parts.

When that which I read and write becomes copied, duplicated, downloaded, passed on, reproduced and SHARED in every conceivable format and platform, and when words drift together even as they break apart into smallest bits and pieces, micro particles drifting briefly through my consciousness; this turbulent confluence of everything makes me not more knowledgeable but actually – less aware.

My individual thoughts and creative energy become stifled. I find I lose reference points and meanings, all words are conjoined and absorbed into a streaming repetitious miasma of composition in which my individual say … my voice … is lost.

Is our communication technology, ‘so happily embraced’, a manifestation, tearing away at the fabric of creation even as it proudly proclaims itself as our new savior for instant todays and tomorrows.

Then what is this thing, this piece of machinery, this “Deus ex machina”? This wonder of man’s technology, making us no more than a multitude of multimedia byproducts, a consumable, accumulated, consumption of words in instant trending and streaming data.

And what of my me-ness? Your you-ness? Our original #ideas #essence #words.

Are they and we being swallowed up into a larger whole, no longer represented as unique individuals with our very own splendid originality?

But then if not – who are we?

* * *

So clearly, the muse was upon me. I hope you enjoyed my whimsy and a smidgen of irritation with various multimedia intrusiveness. Naturally I was not referring to any of my most excellent online friends, writers, bloggers, artists and photographers. After all we are above all those petty things! Of course! 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend, stay safe and take care of you,

~ Penny

11 thoughts on “To Be … Not Who I Am!

  1. Hi Penny, I felt so sad reading this, as if a person or some people are trying to stamp out your mojo. It’s not nice for you. I had a guy on Twitter very unhappy tonight about my inspirational Tweets, which is not usually the case. He was not too pleasant in his comments and I was pushed to Unfollow him before he would Unfollow me. There was something topsy turvy about that. I was a bit shocked as he had interacted with me on numerous occasions before, and I thought he liked my Tweets and conversing with me, oh boy – Was I wrong!

    • No worries Sandra. I was speaking universally and not in the personal sense regarding others. More like how there are so many types of interactive communication programs now and some of them are very intrusive, it wasn’t so much about the private individual. But thank you for caring. Which I know you do, whole bunches my friend! 🙂 xx

  2. Our thinking is also taken from us. Our need to add numbers, out need to spell words. We are told or corrected hiw ti spel by red undreliens or wrods correctnig thesmelf. Even our grammar is corrected for us. With me, by blue underlines. WIth this though, I find it is trying to suggest words that are not needed or the wrong ones. Often I have created a blog post and have been told that I should use a different spelling of a word, and vocally pointed out how wrong imbecilic that is.

    Big brother is no longer watching over us, it is now starting to tell us how to live!

    • Totally accurate, Alastair, hopefully though, there will always be a place for those creative and independent thoughts so important to us imaginative and caring types! 🙂 xo

    • Hi Alice. Of course you do. You’re that kind of special, discriminating and aware, person who knows exactly what to look for – and why! So good to hear from you, hope all is well in your world,

      With affection,
      Penny xx

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