Sleep Silent Angel, go to sleep!

angelwingsSleeping Angel

Have you noticed that with increased media interaction capabilities, certain types of individuals are using it to spread meanness. Politic types for certain. Their words are negative, nastier at at time when we should be embracing our greater ability to communicate with each other. To help, to improve the problems of our world, not tear apart for the purpose of private, selfish and greedy agendas.

It makes me sad. Those wonderful guardian angels that watch over us each day and night must wring their hands in despair. How does one tell a ‘supposedly’ reasoning adult what’s wrong with cruel words, harsh criticism, judgments (of which we aren’t well qualified to make anyway), followed up with poor and thoughtless behavior.

So I wonder how they rest when they are weary, those silent hard working guardian angels we do rely on:


Sleep Silent Angel

Sleep, Silent angel, dry all your tears.
Rest, be at peace with your many fears.
I shall cry for your sorrows,
And our maybe tomorrows,

… if we don’t get it right.
We, a planet of needing, a planet in plight.

Sleep silent angel, I shall cry for your grief
Spoiled sea, air and land. 
Fouled by a thief – in truth by our hand.
I shall cry for the loss and neglect and abuse,
How can we people remain so obtuse?

Sleep silent angel, do not despair
We are your people and though careless – we care.
Rest up your wings for tomorrow will bring

Hope for our improvement, hope for our worth,
For peaceful tomorrows, here on our Earth!

~ Penny L Howe, 2014


Thanks for stopping by and caring enough to make a difference on this planet of all of ours, peace be with you.

~ Penny

20 thoughts on “Sleep Silent Angel, go to sleep!

  1. So beautiful and deep Penny. For everywhere we exist we have our guardian angels beside us and those who wrought mean, it makes me wonder how much their angels can change. Brilliant! xo

  2. First of all – BEAUTIFUL angel!

    So easy to spread meanness when you hide behind a screen. And – then there’s the group that hides behind “religion” too. UGH!

    Keeping the faith & hope that there are more caring people out there than not.
    xo 🙂 🙂 xo

    • Hi Celestine, wow, we’re online at the same time. How are you my dearest friend? Thank you so very much for your moving and generous compliments. What I believe, deeply and I know you feel the same way too! 🙂 xo

      • I’m doing good, Penny. And you are right we feel the same way. Daily news of rape and stories from the victims at the ongoing Angelina Jolie conference weigh me down so much.

        Boko Haram’s escapades in Nigeria is something that I think about daily and I just cannot fathom.

        • There is a truth in life Celestine. One of many actually. The proliferation of violence in any culture comes about during a process of change and (believe it or now) forward movement toward civilization. We (people) are very resistant to change, and sadly for many it comes in the form of unspeakable acts of brutality. The good news is there are fewer of those who resist in a negative way (although in the moment it doesn’t seem so) and more who eventually find their way to the compromise of change and progress (education helps a bunch with this), but oh it is so very slow going, my dear friend. Much love to you and your family, stay strong and hopeful and I will too. xo

  3. Such a beautiful poem and artwork to accompany it. You have such amazing talents that you freely share with us Penny. I still hold out hope that one day more and more of us will come to see that compassion and love for all mankind is the only way to live. I just watched “I Am” the documentary for the first time the other night. This short one-hour film is something everyone should watch over and over, particularly those in our countries in charge of supposedly guiding us to a better life.

    • Thank you, LuAnn for your lovely compliments. Your words move me and I am hopeful too. Documentaries are wonderful things especially when they send the messages we (humanity) should all be absorbing and learning from. Slow going though (for some) very slow going. We do need more guides who don’t have personal greedy agendas, that would help quite a bit!

  4. I was having the same conversation this morning. I wish it were different, I wish we used our ability to communicate with greater care, with more emotional intelligence. Perhaps as we see what great harm we can do we will become more sensitive.

    Your words and art were stunning. Truly. Thank you for sharing them.

    • Thank you Valentine for your lovely compliments. I agree with you and I believe there are more “than not” who feel as we do, just not being very vocal about it (which would be most helpful)! We are setting positive examples, always a good thing, my friend! 🙂 x

  5. Dear sister, your artwork and poetry are stunning. The angels are not sleeping, they are taking a short rest to let us test our own wings with the hope that we, the people of the planet, will rise up and do the right thing. A girl can hope.

    • Thank you Sis! I do love you so much. What beautiful words you write, we are indeed testing our wings. Yes a girl can hope, thank you for this one! From my heart to yours, Penny

  6. I would like to think that eventually all the free thinkers on this planet can all be on the same page and actually save our planet. I hope it is sooner rather than later. I hope it is in time rather than too late.

    • Hope is the key word, Alastair, and You and I and others like us have hope going for us and I think we’re going to make it in time, too (getting it right). There is so much love out there just waiting to happen my dear friend. xo

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