Nothing is more Energizing than Crafting Creativity!

crafting creativityCrafting Creativity

Name your format. It does not matter an iota which thing you fancy when it comes to exploring creativity. There is room for all kinds of imaginative inventiveness. No limits actually – if one thinks about it.

Isn’t that a most wonderful thing? There is simply nothing more fun and energizing than being creative, with thoughts, with ideas, with words, with music, with paint, with clay, with wood, with cameras, with building things, with technology, with inventing, modifying, improving, changing and all the time being creative in the process.

Creativity by its very definition is to bring into being, to make, to fashion, to build, to contribute a piece of you is being creative. The essence of the thing. You and your amazing imagination.

So to all you creative types out there (basically that would be just about all of us, I’m thinking), I wish you a most prosperous day, week, month, year, lifetime of creative expression and accomplishment.

Just doesn’t get any better than that, when you think about it!

crafting creativity2

Thanks for stopping by,

~ Penny



6 thoughts on “Nothing is more Energizing than Crafting Creativity!

  1. I love creativity, although there are some aspects that I am having difficulty with at the moment, but that could be because my brain is being fried with course work. At least I still have my camera.

    I hope you have a great week Penny

  2. Being creative is great and fun and we should never forget to let our children be creative. I used to give mine cardboard boxes and amazing things came out of it. …and it was lots of fun. Even now much older they like cardborad boxes…. somehow. 🙂
    Have a wonderful day dearest Penny!

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