Penny’s Safe House – The DomeHome Safety Zone!

 DomeHomeDome Home – Safety Zone 

Is there such a place?

In my imagination there is.

You can see I created (on my notepad) a DomeHome!

Weather-wise, not ideal (I prefer warm climes to cold) but considering most people feel the same, I have a high level of confidence that my DomeHome, my Safety Zone, will be high, literally! And I have a hydroponic temperature controlled greenhouse to produce the food I need, too cool (again literally) right? Did you see the thermo-controlled swimming pool? A nice touch I thought.

So there you have it. My DomeHome situated far from the maddening crowd. Now I am aware of all the melting going on up there in the Arctic, so if needs be I will be prepared to move my DomeHome to Antarctica. They have lots of penguins there to keep me company, again – too cool!

What do you think?

Will it catch on – Hope not! That would defeat the whole purpose.


Stay safe, stay cool, have an excellent week ahead! Remember to laugh and have fun!

With Affection,

~ Penny

28 thoughts on “Penny’s Safe House – The DomeHome Safety Zone!

  1. Penny I love your thoughts and your drawing. I am right with you there. Also for me a bit cold but sitting in the green house in the sunshine must be fantastic. I do love the sight of the northern lights too!
    It looks a beautiful safe place – everyone needs one where we feel safe and happy. Much love! ♥

  2. I adore your Dome Home and particularly love the Northern Lights, which I would love to see for myself someday. Have a wonderful week Penny. 🙂

  3. penny, this is a great and happy image! you should place a ‘rooms available’ sign in there for anyone anywhere to know they have a safe place when the world around them grows a bit too insane. they can visit your safe house for much-needed relief.

    my friends and i might need it this coming weekend as the spring tides approach.. i’m working on a post about that now.


  4. That is great, a wonderful concept and drawing…I once read somewhere that it is best to dig the entrance down because the hot air rises and so is kept where the people are…I never would have thought of that had I been marooned in the Arctic which is feasible knowing me.

    • Oh lucky you Marina! Mine isn’t finished yet, but being worked on as we speak here. Thank you, just a cartoony illustration, but it was great fun in the making of! 🙂 xoxoxoxo

  5. I love this Dome Home. How does an Eskimo build one? Igloos it together.

    I think it is great idea and you get to see the Northern Lights as well. Woohoo 🙂 Have a great week Penny

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