I … in my aloneness – reach for the event horizon!


For those of us solitary souls, we often find ourselves reaching inward, into the unknown. Not for respite, nor solace but for the unraveling of mysteries.

And when the magic of who I am encounters an unknown, there is a blossoming in the moment.

An event horizon. Not for an ending, but a beginning of the “new” – for further exploration.


… And I revel, finding myself in that moment, most gratified to be … me!


Wishing you a magical and wonderful day and an even better tomorrow!

~ Penny

20 thoughts on “I … in my aloneness – reach for the event horizon!

  1. Being an introvert, I find I am at my most content when I have those solitary moments to reflect. Hope you are having a magical week my friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I do enjoy learning things and then after learning them on Wikipedia, rechecking them with other websites…it learn is to be happy I feel. I still enjoy my solitary time but learning from all you guys, well it does keep my day interesting. It’s a great mixture and always reveals much stuff about me and many other things.

  3. That was lovely. I find myself becoming more and more ‘earthbound’, the longer I deal with the World around me, and often find myself wanting, not just for greater inner peace, but tolerance as well. Stillness is a rarity these days, and I do miss it-
    I shall have to make time!

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