A Woman is many things, passionate and …

my love - Copy

She may be viewed with passion in mind or she may be viewed as intelligent, discerning, determined and her own person.


Don’t confuse the two. Just because a woman is passionate does not mean she is not also, strong willed and a capable individual up for life’s challenges (more than a few of them very difficult).

cuddling w frankie

And never forget she is loving of all life, tender and nurturing. So a woman is many things – But most of all (for all my female friends out there if you don’t know this you should – “She Is Essential!” for exactly who she is!

strengthofwomanThe Essential Woman

Β Yes, all these photographs are of me. And the drawing is also one I sketched awhile back. I’m making a point that not only I, but all women have inside of us vast reserves to call upon. So much capability locked up inside. We make a difference for others, everyday of our lives, may I remind you ladies to also make a difference for yourself … because you’re more than worth it … you are essential!

All my love,


39 thoughts on “A Woman is many things, passionate and …

  1. Beautiful photos and lovely sentiments…we females should be celebrating who we are and what we have to offer so much more than we ever do…we have a strength behind the softness that too many men just fail to see…or choose not to see, preferring to believe the strength comes from them…but behind every successful man is a strong woman!!

    • Thank you kindly, sweet friend of mine. Yes we should be celebrating more. I had a man once say to me “I wish I was a female, you guys have it made” and you know what, I agreed saying … “for certain I wouldn’t want to be a male!” And I agree with your last statement, completely!!!

  2. AnElephantCant find his old wallet
    He wants to see if he has any cash in it
    If yes you just need to say
    And he is on his way
    He does not realise that sweet Penny is so passionate!

    • Why how thoughtful of you to consider spending the money to make a trip, all the way from France to the Northwest side of America for a friendly visit. You are too kind! xo

  3. Gorgeous!
    And – look at those legs! πŸ˜‰
    The pic of you & the cat made me smile.
    I love how you put this together so nicely.
    xo πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xo

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