No air left for me to breathe.
Did atmosphere disappear with you – when you left?

There is no feeling left to feel.
Was all substance removed – when you went away?

There are no tears upon my face
Despair so intense – all senses frozen in fear,
for to contemplate the loss of you
I shall indeed, dissolve into … nothing …

The nothing you left behind.


Love is so precious, never take for granted, and if you are one of the lucky ones, cherish. If you are still searching, be at peace, love will find you, and if you were disappointed and hurt by another, take heart. Wounds heal with the passage of time to make way for a new love.

Have an excellent weekend filled to overflowing with love!


24 thoughts on “NOTHING!

  1. I’ll take your word for that. Although my daughter wants me to come off the dating sites as the only people who have contacted me on there have been a bit … well … what’s the polite way of someone is a fruitloop?

  2. AnElephantCant always find inspiration
    You can often find him huffing and puffing
    But do his big ears deceive
    He cannot possibly believe
    His friend perfect Penny will dissolve into nothing

  3. Love is most important, and I am happy to say that you are right even if you have been hurt it comes again. I am so happy to say that I am experiencing it again and again … more beautiful than ever. Sending you much love Ute β™₯

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