A Vertigo of Change – Humanity’s Design!


A Vertigo of Change

What a place – the world we live in today. A wonder, indeed, to be able to make it through each and every “ever-changing” day!

Suspended in the moment, thinking to oneself “what is happening?” Emotions so intense, and balance with life so far removed from that which was.

Sensations of dizziness, yet beneath this . . . one feels an amazing rebirth emerging inside; basic, elemental and needed.

Coordinated internal images and creative processes awakening while technology races on. I do keep pace with all, and yet, am swept up in a matrix of life’s mysterious design. I marvel from one heartbeat to the next as to who we are, and what we shall become.

If we can only but find our balance, the future – our future – awaits the fulfillment of creation’s dream.


A most excellent weekend to all my wonderful friends, both those I’ve come to know and cherish, and those I’ve yet to meet!

~ Penny

21 thoughts on “A Vertigo of Change – Humanity’s Design!

      • Thanks Penny. Terry’s is back with his father in Ohio working on getting him into hospice. I am in remote ND where my truck broke down in the pouring rain. I have been struggling with the dealership and warranty company this past week to get the vehicle fixed, but I think we have rounded the corner. Truck is fixed but Terry’s flight back had mechanical problems and he couldn’t make it back yesterday. I think my growth spurt was worth it. Learned a few things about myself this week. Hope your week didn’t look anything like mine! 😉

          • He is back with me now and I do agree with you about growth spurts. I must admit, however, that I learned a few things about myself the week he was gone, which isn’t all bad. 😉

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