Shadow’s Simulacrum – The Enclosure Of Our Cage!


We move about …

barely recognizable phantasm  – illusionary spectrums.


 We come upon a border where day dream and night dream blend together.

we pass through … Beyond life’s existence, perhaps …


Bright lights and black abysses combine mythological imaginings …

and truth. Raw experiences of life’s brutal passages midst temporaneous moments, the falling petals of life’s blissful sensations.

 Woe be it then, to come upon this merging of selves.

Imagination, Thy tune be well played … As in the heavens so onto nether reaches.

 Shall our voice be heard for that which becomes valued most …sweetness and caresses, those learned impassioned fingerprints smudged among frozen moments of time; although shared not lightly, introspective to perception.

 Should we concern ourselves with the causation of sharing? Fearful lest there be understanding come at last into the mirage of our being, the root of perceived existence?


Traveling through endless corridors of life’s gained wisdom, do we admit defeat just prior to endgame or become empowered by eternity’s solution?

And do we deny the existence and ownership of  the key to our individual, self imposed cage of containment – those rigidly manufactured, maintained and re-enforced bars of willful ignorance – so that no answers are required?

Yes, we do.

~ Penny L Howe, 2014


Hello everyone.

I’m frequently asked why I write what I write. Mostly, I write to inspire, motivate and inform, but every now and then, the Muse of  “The Penny That I Am” gets hold of me and then I write for myself. This piece was written of a moment, where the need of creative thought formed this composition. I’m hopeful there was some small understanding and at least a bit of pleasure derived in the reading.

Thank you.

~ Penny

16 thoughts on “Shadow’s Simulacrum – The Enclosure Of Our Cage!

    • Thank you Yoshiko. I very much appreciate your words. Most often I write in a lighter format, so it is a pleasure for me to just be myself with my words and thoughts with creative expression. 🙂

      • Welcome, Penny 🙂 I enjoy your lighter format style of writing. Continue to be yourself in your creativity 🙂 even I am being myself also in my creativity expression

  1. A great post Penny, and it got me thinking about some of your older posts, ones about the muse etc. Over a year ago, possibly nearer two (ten years of blogging can do that to someone 😉 ) you created a post about your muse, how you come up with ideas, with drawings etc. If you fancied a Throwback Thursday this week, maybe show some of your newer readers what it is that spawns these ideas for the awesome posts.

    I think seeing Penny’s mind at work would fascinate a fair few of them.

    Another post showing how awesome the mind of Penny comes out with these poems. I like the way it is telling of a journey through your mind.

    • Thank you Alastair. I have it all figured out. Part of me resides in fantasyland and the other part of me resides here in this dimension. So whenever I need ideas or inspiration, I just refer to the side that lives in fantasyland and a wellspring of ideas come forth! And I’m not sure I’m joking when I say this! LOL, I could refer to it in scientific terms (or science fiction terms) but I think it’s a distinct possibility. Again my thanks for your generous compliments, dear friend. 🙂 xo

      • I think fantasyland appears in all of us, but only a few know it and embrace it.

        Personally I think you are an alien put on this planet to share your thoughts with us 😉 😛 😆

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