The Exercise Our Pets Do better than We!

By greyerbaby4

Β “… Exercise your “forgiveness” muscle every day!” PennyQuote

Our animals seem to have it down pat. We still need to work on this exercise – a whole lot more!

Unconditional love … yeah … that’s the ticket!

Have a great weekend everyone! Filled with lots of love (and forgiveness)!

With affection,

~ Penny

29 thoughts on “The Exercise Our Pets Do better than We!

    • Hi LuAnn, it is liberating but can occasionally be very very hard to do, as you and I both know. But still a very good thing for us to do (for our health). We are having a wonderful weekend, hoping you and Terry are as well dearest sister!

      • Terry’s father passed away two days ago so it is a somber time here right now. We both feel blessed to have had his father with us for so many years and now begins an even bigger challenge for his mother, who you know has been very resistant to making any changes regarding housing and transitioning to a new phase in her life. Interesting times are ahead.

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