Retro, Campy and In All Ways Cool!


Okay, everything about the 60’s is amazingly retro. In my opinion anyway. And Oh My Gosh, this bed. I just had to post and comment on it. From a scene in the very campy movie “Our Man Flint” starring James Coburn (spoof movie that’s a take off on the James Bond spy movies of that era and great fun).

But isn’t the bed just too … well … everything? Don’t you want one? I know I do! And if you’d like to watch the movie – here’s the youtube link:Β Our Man FlintΒ Β  Be sure and grab the popcorn first!

Hope your weekend is being a good one!


18 thoughts on “Retro, Campy and In All Ways Cool!

  1. Now – that’s different.
    This is a good type of bed for people that roll over a lot. Looks like it would keep anyone from ever falling off.
    xo πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xo

  2. I wonder if the bed enhancing the viewing pleasure of the film, I bet it does. I shall secure myself some popcorn which shall be imminently as my new job is right next to a super market, which in American parlance is more like a local shop but without the guns.

    • I’m glad you’re not encumbered with the thought of other customers wandering around with weapons, SteJ. Ridiculous isn’t it? Good luck at your new job! Hope all goes swimmingly well! xx

      • Thank you, day one was a wash out as all the training DVDs had disappeared and the computers had broken…I think i will fit right in. apparently it is illegal to sell a lawnmower to anybody under 16. xx

        • Well, of course they did, SteJ! just the proper sort of thing to happen on a first day, and … I can appreciate that one wouldn’t want to risk selling the dangerous lawnmower to someone underage. They might run over all sorts of unsuspecting people, Lol.
          Actually I do know why, my son’s best friend, Brad, (as a teenager) accidentally cut off the top joints in the fingers of his right hand when trying to dislodge an item that got caught in the blades – while the lawnmower was still running.

          I hope working conditions improve for you! xx

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