Autumn – the leaf sprite

lleaf sprite -

The Leaf Sprite

A swirling flurried arrival, her Autumn entrance known to all,

Burnishing hosts of tossing leaves in multicolored hues of fall.

Golden rich her nature – sharing yellows, reds and brown,

‘Midst cooling crisp fall mornings, the leaf sprite makes her rounds.

By Penny L Howe, 2014


A very lovely Sunday/Monday to all. For those in the world enjoying a change to cooler weather, I wish you a gorgeous autumn day!

Bless us all for the richness which nature provides us daily, we must protect her!

~ Penny


16 thoughts on “Autumn – the leaf sprite

  1. A leaf sprite! What a lovely and unique slant on Autumn! I love Autumn, something wonderful about it…although today despite being almost into October we have been enjoying no leaves and temperatures of around 24 degrees hot sunshine!

  2. Love your poem and beautiful drawing Penny! I am thrilled to welcome autumn, my favorite time of year. Here in Colorado the fall colors have been absolutely fabulous. πŸ™‚

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