A World of Friends Is Just The Right Amount!


A World of Friends

While we’re not acquainted – at least not yet,
you’re still my friend, even though we’ve not met.
I value our friendship, and reach out my hand,
even though all are strangers – in quite different lands!
Each day an adventure, as life’s journey we take,
if we travel together, oh the friends we shall make.
We’re a company of strangers, but not for long,
let’s build more relations – this will make us strong.
We do need each other, so we can survive,
weathering the storms, we’ll all stay alive.
Overcome our fears, our worries, concerns,
counting on each other – that’s how we will learn.
By needing each other … the seeds we can sow,
through sharing and giving – that’s how we will grow.
I reach out my hand, to you on this day –
“Hello my friend … are you going my way?”
Penny L Howe, 2014
Hoping everyone’s week is proceeding well.
Take care of you,
~ Penny 

16 thoughts on “A World of Friends Is Just The Right Amount!

      • Yea, Penny, even I wish to be able to reach out 🙂 also to those in need and helpless. I know and feel the 😦 helplessness I am going through this dry times. I wish to be strong.

          • I am not strong, Penny 😅 I hate to be weak and striving everyday to be strong. Why am I like the tortoise in the hare and the tortoise race? I wish to follow God’s way and protect my family. And things seem to be a mess. Sometimes I feel so upset for being truthful at the wrong time with the wrong people. This really puts me down. 😖 Everytime I pray to The Lord for wisdom. Now, seems better a bit though a lot of mess.

            • Worrying is not being weak, Yoshiko. Being fearful is also not being weak. Making mistakes is not being weak. We learn and grown from our mistakes. Believing is being strong. Keeping your faith is being strong. Caring and Loving is being strong. And never forget we are all human so we will error every day. Being strong is getting back up and carrying on, dearest friend. I say again, you are strong!

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