9 thoughts on “The Poem of a Poet!

  1. AnElephantCant claim he’s a poet
    Although he occasionally nearly makes a line rhyme
    But rhymers are many
    Though not nearly half as talented as the wonderful and adorable Penny
    Who unlike AnAncientAgedPast-his-bestElephant is clearly still in her prime

    • Well that’s what I get for asking you for a comment when it’s almost 2 in the morning in France and I’m sure you were tired and verrrry relaxed! But I do appreciate it.Very much, thank you. All my love. xo

      • AnElephantCant ever be offended
        By Penny his loveliest and dearest sweet friend
        And despite what she says
        His rhymes still amaze
        Although his lines do rather belong to the Bob Dylan school of scansion where words just keep getting written until they come to a natural end

        • I adore you, more than I think you know.
          You inspire me, help with writer’s flow.
          I admire you, for shaping your own way.
          And mostly I just love you – please
          always stay
          the absolutely circuitous and multifarious way
          you are … today! 😀 xo

          • AnElephantCant really be circuitous
            Unless you are talking about the distance round his waist
            And Penny cannot be serious
            He cannot even spell multipharious
            It seems that darling Penny has got very strange -but very welcome – taste

            • Well, yes you can be circuitous (taking the long way around to get to the point in your last nights’ comment). And I assumed I was being most polite in the process. Excuse any confusion I may have cost you – wow, are we having a civilized disagreement. Now that’s been a while! And yes I do have good taste!

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