Am I an Expert in Life?


My parents “40th” Anniversary. I’m the smirky looking blond in front. The others are my two wonderful sisters, my brother and next to me my tiny little mom 4’10” (she’s standing on a taller stair) behind her my tall dad and my grandmother just barely looking over! Sorry about the blur!


I grew up in your typical loving and pretty average family and learned the typical things one learns from this environment. Did I become an expert on family matters? Well hardly, I was 19 when I left home, Duh!

I have read a hundred thousand miles worth of books, and many, millions of words. Am I an expert? Perhaps of reading, and maybe word power.

I have written countless personal journals filled with many thousands of words, over the years, documenting thoughts and feelings happening in the moment. Am I an expert? Perhaps when it comes to journal writing (my own). And maybe a knack with writing!

I have owned, operated and/or managed several small marketing businesses. I was almost successful with an Internet company in the year 2000 – just before the .com crash! Am I an expert? Perhaps in the art of acquiring knowledge in what not to do in business and who not to do it with.

I have experienced in my lifetime – extreme pain (times too numerous to count) both physical and emotional. I have dealt with loss, betrayal (I can count that number), success and failure. Am I an expert on how to live one’s life? Β No, but I learn a little more, with each passing day.

I have felt the exquisite passion one can find in love, the extreme happiness of falling in love, and in the birthing of my children and raising them to fine loving adults.

I have also felt the heartbreak of personal betrayal and the pain of abuse. Am I an expert at understanding why people are cruel to others, no! Am I stronger – YES, AMAZINGLY SO! In other words while not an expert in life, I’m not a person one should mess with, nor any of my family or friends,Β just sayin’.

If there were a category in the Guinness Book of Records for ‘most mistakes made in every given situation’ I’d be in that book! And since one learns from one’s mistakes (assumingly) I must be very wise indeed. However since I don’t feel especially wise on some days, I’m not entirely convinced of the complete accuracy of that statement.

I have been blessed with ample amounts of imagination and creative energy. Am I an expert? No, but one does not need to be with those things. The beauty of life is that whether we become experts or not, with free will, we can learn and grow, create and achieve – in spite of our mistakes and errors in judgement.

Am I an expert when it comes to being grateful and thankful for my many blessings in life? Yes – yes I am.

Penny, son and daughter! And yes a few years ago!




24 thoughts on “Am I an Expert in Life?

  1. I knew which one was you – the second that I saw the picture! πŸ™‚
    So nice to meet the fam that you grew up with & the fam you raised.
    Thank you my beautiful friend.
    xo πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xo

  2. This look into your past is such a lovely post Penny. I agree with Alastair, you have changed little over the years. No matter what our background, if we embrace gratitude for what we have, and what we have learned, life can be very good.

  3. I love you much dear sister and will always be there when you need me. I couldn’t have loved you more even if I had picked you out myself.

  4. I knew that was you in the front, you have barely changed πŸ™‚

    I don’t think anyone can be a complete expert in anything as everything changes.

    • Thank you Alastair. The smirk is gone replaced by a look of disbelief (just jokiing) regarding the world around us. Mother Nature has been exceedingly generous with my appearance, which doesn’t seem to alter much. And I do agree with you about being an expert of things, OMG, who knew the word change could do so much in such a short period of time. Just go back twenty years, even 10. Just amazing. What a time we are living in my friend! πŸ™‚ xo

      • It is amazing the way the world has changed. Farrah commented the other day about how much it has changed since we moved to Leicestershire and back. That’s just four years. This month actually, but I have been around for 4Β½ decades and it is incredible the changes in the world.

        The first computer I had – 1984 – had a massive memory of 16kb. Then I upgraded to one with 128kb. When I finally brought a “decent” one, the hard drive for it cost me Β£110 and it was 80mb. I have just recently had to buy a new one and it cost me Β£70 for 1TB. So that is in 30 years

    • Yes, the sweetie was a naturally blonde which got darker as she entered her late teens! πŸ™‚ Her Greek heritage was a little late coming into its own, to match her big brown eyes!

  5. We all learn different things in life depending what happens in our lives. It does make us stronger also in different ways. The wonderful thing is we are taking our precious moments and enjoy them more than ever. That is a wonderful thing I learnt not to waste but really appreciate life and be grateful that I have a life and for what I have.
    keep learning and enjoying my dearest Penny! Much love from Ute x

  6. You ARE an expert on Life! You bring a unique perspective that no one else can have. I don’t think there are any “ordinary” lives, just seven billion amazing ones!
    Thanks for sharing a small part of yours. πŸ˜€

    • Thank you Steve, you are correct about us each being unique (which is just excellent) And you’re also right – no one is “ordinary”, I like your comments and you’re welcome, it was my pleasure. I hope your week ahead is a positive and creative one! πŸ™‚

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