Flash Fiction – It doesn’t always pay to be first!


Photograph by Barbara Beacham ©


Going Ashore

The team headed toward the island, not sure what they’d find when they arrived, but it didn’t matter. After being at sea for months the sight of land, any land, was incredible.

John cheated in the drawing that would determine who would be among the first to go ashore, feeling no remorse whatsoever. So anxious was he to be on dry land he would have done far worse to win a spot in the boat.

Nearing the land, no surprise, John was first to jump out, wading the rest of the way to the sandy shore.

He disappeared among the tall palm trees before any of the others.

From the interior, his piercing scream was horrifying in intensity. The crew, looked at each other in terror, pushed the boat off, and rowed quickly back to their ship.

Proving the point – It doesn’t always pay to be first, especially if you cheat!


Congrat’s Barb, on your new flash fiction weekly challenge -” Monday’s Finish The Story. The rules are easy to follow: Just write a short, very short, story (100-150 words) using the photo as a prompt, begin your story with the line that Barb shares with us. This week the line is: “The team headed toward the island not sure what they would find when they arrived.” 

This one looks to be great fun so be sure and give it a try (if you enjoy writing). For more details or to view other entries just click here!

Hope everyone has an excellent weekend and no scary trips into the interior of things,

~ Penny

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