Leave No Regrets!

 © Inn  Dreamstime.com
“Todas las cosas tienen su tiempo.”


There are times when things just happen
in a way that’s meant to be.
There are times
“we” make things happen,
when we are young and free!
There are times of joy and loving
times of despair and loss.
Times that rock the ages,
And times we’d like to toss.
The time that we are given
should not be spent in haste,
because time is just too precious
for us to simply waste.
“all things do have their own time”
So we should not forget,
to live our lives in fullness
with love
… leave no regrets!

~ Penny L Howe, 2014


Have a simply excellent and loving weekend – for those in Bermuda … take care of you and yours, be safe!

~ Penny

21 thoughts on “Leave No Regrets!

  1. What a beautiful poem – and I went to translate what you wrote at the top. Of course I didn’t need to hehe.

    Sometimes just letting things happen is so much better than trying to force them, and other times you have to force them. Especially if it is two people who want to talk to each other and are too nervous to do so.
    Savour each moment. Enjoy each minute. Love each hour

  2. AnElephantCant stop pondering
    Each day as the sun sadly sets
    He remembers orange juices
    And talking to gooses
    And of course he feels some regrets

    He wishes lovely Penny all the joy she deserves.

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