The Blessings of a Monday


For so many of us, Monday seems filled with too much to do, too many things to worry about and the beginning of a long week ahead. Here’s another perspective to consider:

The Blessing of Your Life

The blessing we are given, begin with each new day

wondrous things can happen brightening the way.


The laughter of our children, the greeting of old friends,

this day is ours for molding, from beginnings to the ends.


With the start of each week, a gift has been received,

labor hard, laugh and love but mostly be well pleased.



“Life is a joy, your choice to make the best of each day you are given –

which is a blessing, in and of itself, to be cherished.”

Penny L Howe, 2014


My wish is for you to have a wonderful week ahead. Take time to be grateful for that which you do have.

~ Penny

20 thoughts on “The Blessings of a Monday

            • It can be tough. I knew this one lady (I envied her actually) she raised a bunch of children on her own, worked her way through college, became a professional psychologist and told me when she was at a loss of what to do, she’d clean! Anything and everything. Cleaning was her way to balance herself with her emotions. I never forgot her but I realized (I am so not a clean freak) that each of us has “something” action oriented that we can do to help balance ourselves. You might look to see what your balancing method might be! Just a thought, albeit a long one, LOL!

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