Good Morning From Northwest America! A good day to be creative!

Good Morning, 早安, Buenos días, おはよう, bom dia, guten Morgen, bonjour, доброе утро, dobro jutro, صباح الخير , 굿모닝, maidin mhaith, asubuhi njema, Kaliméra, and all others who share our wonderful planet with me.

It is a beautiful day here with a few clouds, cool and brisk fall weather, it will be raining later on, but still a gorgeous new day to be creative!


“Finding your own personal creativity is about ‘being’ in the moment.

Inspiration is all around you – just waiting to be noticed!”

~ PL Howe, 2014

With warm hugs and much affection,

~ Penny


15 thoughts on “Good Morning From Northwest America! A good day to be creative!

  1. Thanks for the weather update there penny sounds lovely….

    It’s gonna be a beautiful day here in new Zealand too slightly cool at this hour …..BUT SUNSHINE REST OF DAY …AWESOME!

    Enjoy your day love lisa

    • I have always wanted to visited New Zealand. It looks (from photos and films, so incredibly beautiful), Lisa, so I believe you when you say Awesome! You enjoy your day as well. Love to you, Penny

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