Wondering Why – A Child’s POV!

Wondering Why

I look up at the sky and wonder,

I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Will clouds still be white?

Will the moon shine as bright?

Will there still be birds on the wing?


I wonder, will I still be happy

or sad, like so many I see.

It’s so hard to tell

my future as well,

I wonder what I’ll grow up to be?


It’s not so much that I worry

It’s more, I think, that I care.

So I look at the sky

Wondering why,

And when… we’ll all learn how to share!

~ Penny L Howe 2014~


Everyone have a wonderful weekend ahead,

~ Penny

10 thoughts on “Wondering Why – A Child’s POV!

    • Thank you, I think you’re a thinker – naturally, but glad I can help there. It’s true, what you say about us sharing as a whole, so many people tend to ride the “Lemmings Express” of life, so perhaps if enough of us share, the others will come along for that ride. At least one can hope! Happy Halloween! Have a great weekend, not too much work, okay? 🙂

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