Haibun Tribute to Marilyn Monroe

Hi, as many of you know, I love writing Haibun, for quite awhile now (in my spare time, ha,ha) I’ve worked on a blog site dedicated to Haibun, so check it out if you have time – Penny

A Writer's Styling of Words

 Marilyn Monroe

Life is lived in gulps when you’re creative, when you’re beautiful, when you’re smart, when you’re born very poor and a female. Those irreconcilable differences of who and why you even exist, much less the fabric of who you are become inconsolable when alone, so once famous enough you gulp at things in a curious mixture of compelling needs, desires and forbidden fruit.

Filling needs unfillable by your definition of life and understanding. Too little, too late, and unendurable doubt of what is real and true.

So more and more those gulps of life lived on the edge take over, extremes of danger, risk, passion. Either that or through oblivion’s eyes watch as night stretches endlessly out towards the unattainable, cleanly defined by who you are not.

Longing to be just who you are – not who you made yourself become – to be recognized.


not who I…

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