19 thoughts on “Hey, I’m talking to you!

  1. I love how animals can just make you smiles. Like killing their toys (which is what my kitten is doing now), chasing tail, or just sitting there with you

      • Yep. We need new beds where they have sharpened their claws on them, but they are just so adorable. And my eldest cat was killing a toy as well. That was awesome to see πŸ™‚

        • Better a toy than the real deal. Franky has been outside in “hunting mode” for a few days, so he keeps trying to bring in his um … trophies. I guess it’s going to be a cold winter! πŸ™‚

          • Yikes. A cat that I used to have, I had to leave with my ex-wife when I moved up north as the cat became gravely ill and wouldn’t survive the journey.She ended up living another three years and died last year at the age of 18. Anyway, when she was younger and very agile and nimble, she would bring things home with her. We ended up putting seven bells around her collar so they would jangle all the time. Didn’t make the slightest difference. She found ways of silencing them.

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