Sunday Photo Fiction – Leave the Light Off.


photograph © Alastair Forbes

In folklore, telling someone you’d leave the light on for them was a friendly way of saying you looked forward to their visit. But that was in another time, another place and as far as John was concerned a completely other existence from his current one.

Hiding out in the decrepit old mansion he was pleased there was no electricity. He looked forward to the safety of darkness soon to envelop the estate with the coming night. He felt safer in the dark.

Which was rather amusing in light of things, he thought, giving out a harsh bark of laughter. And then repeating to himself, “In light of things. Too funny, I made a pun.” No pleasure in his laughter, though.

It was a truthful pun. As a child he’d been deathly afraid of the dark and always had a night light on to feel okay before he’d sleep.

Now, a light on meant someone would know he was here. He glanced up at the silently mocking chandelier. Life did work in mysterious ways. He sighed a weary sigh, and settled in to wait for the safety of the lightless night.


To take part in this writer’s challenge, just check in here at Sunday Photo Fiction Your host, Alastair, will guide you through the process. To read other entries (fun and well written), click on the little blue link box, while there.

Hope your enjoyed, thanks for stopping by,

With a little bit of whimsy relating to light, does anyone remember where the following humorous phrase originated from: “Put the candle BACK!” (I just love this movie by the way, tons and tons!)

~ Penny

22 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – Leave the Light Off.

  1. Your ‘Put the candle back’ reminded me of a children’s Halloween movie that stars Bette Midler – funny it is named Hocus Pocus…
    (I named my two part Sonja Series Hocus and Pocus.) Anyway, if that line isn’t in the movie it ought to be. I don’t recall though the movie you are referring to. I didn’t have a whole lot of time to spend on the haibun since I was working on my own Hocus and Pocus (Flash Fiction piece).

    Due to the holiday, my son didn’t need me during the day, but had a night class, and Mommy had a meeting so I watch the little people from about 3:30 pm to 9:30 pm. And it was a challenge after they woke cranky from their naps. Thanks for your visit…but I’m going to attempt to eat something and crash – since I have to be up at 6 am tomorrow.

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